Damn you, Starcream!

Okay, has anybody ever made the mistake of forgetting to say the “s” in Starscream’s name and every non-Transformer nerd you know thinks you’re talking about a porno?

If so, thank you… I feel less awkward.

If no, then feel free to make fun of me.

…“Tarscream”? “Starcream”? Wait… ooooooooh.

Or maybe it’s TAR CREAM!

It definitely says in the post title… -_-


If you do not understand this reference, please see the female ejaculation thread.



You’re so weird…I’m gonna make fun of you. points finger and laughs

Seriously, Barricade, has that really happened to you?

Starcream sounds like space porn.

Yes, yes it does.

The Enterprise is a Penetration class vessel capable of unleashing multiple salvos before needing to restock its supply.

… of torpedoes, surely.

[Steve] The Wii is an inferior system
[OmegaflareX] Steve, pause to think about that for a minute
[OmegaflareX] You can directly access an Internet browser on the Wii. The Wii is the only system that you can search for porn on.
[OmegaflareX] If that’s inferior, then Setz just won a Nobel Prize.

OFX misses blatant trolling quite a bit (JUST POSTING THIS ITT)

I can just picture Megatron standing all imposing, with a completely serious expression, saying, “You’ve failed me again, Starcream.”

Oh, there’s all kinds of thing you can turn into hilarity just by saying them with a straight face. Or by imagining Megatron saying “You have failed me again, ______!” in perfect seriousness.

“You have failed me again, Female Ejaculation!”


“You have failed me again, Tampon!”

And now for something completely different…

“You have failed me again, Intelligent Design!”

(hey, it really does work)

“You have failed me again, (“You have failed me again!”)!”

That sort of reminds me of a Futurama quote: “Dewey, you fool… your Decimal System has played right into my hands!”

You have failed me again, sodomy!

You have failed me girls with your cup…?


hangs self

You have failed me again, starfuckers.

Seriously, I hate NIN.

Hey, just because NiN has written a lot of crappy songs (especially on Fragile), doesn’t mean that you get to ignore the good ones, too. I can’t say I’m nearly as much of a fan as I used to be, but Pretty Hate Machine is good.

Barricade, you have the weirdest speech disorder I’ve heard of.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my job at the plane-arium.