damn you jogart!!

im on chapter 4 of shining force and acording to the shrine you can get jogart in this chapter ifyou go behind the church and go to the preist bed. the problem is i cant figure out how to get back there. theres a fence blocking the back so there cant be some hidden door, and there are pots in the way inside the church. can anyone help? :moogle:

Judging from this screenshot:

You should be able to reach the bed by walking “south” of the pots. Meaning, you see the gray part of the wall? You can probably walk through that, though you may not be able to see your character.

um ok i will try that.

another question how do you get anri and toa bathing suits or what ever they are? :moogle:

Battle 11: Left of 3 Snipers

Cave Containing Moon Stone: Southwest Wall

Thank PKT for these; he did a good job on the shrine.

well crud i missed them both.

i tried what you said and it did’ent work dalton.

there are no gray spots on the walls except for in the back.
and i cant reach the back. :moogle:

What he means is to go inside the house (using the front door), then walk down past the left pot (without going outside). Then walk left, and then up. Try that, and maybe you will be able to get this character you want.

i tryed that.
you cant walk down past the left pot without going outside. :moogle:

Well, until my brother gets home (he’s a Shining Force pro), I don’t know what to tell you. Hang in there though, and try entering the house from a different entrance in the meantime. Maybe you can walk through certain parts or something.

i think your suppose to go threw the sun in the back of the building.
but i cant find a way to get to back of the building.

:bowser: boo hoo.

Cait, try again. I’m POSITIVE you can walk through that wall.

Dalton, if you link that image, rather than post it, it works.