Damn you, Avalon! Damn you to HELL!

Does anyone here have any strategies for taking down Avalon in the dream fight in Legend Of Legaia 2: Duel Saga? He’s got a ridiculous amount of HP, and he uses his strongest Hyper Art every turn for about 5000 damage! I’ve even tried Mystic Art-ing him for 150000 and Point Carding him for 99999, and that STILL didn’t kill him!

Please, anything would be appreciated. I’m on Level 67 for Lang with the Tireless Ribbon and all of his best equipment.

Damn that sucks. I’ve never come up against him in the Dream Fight, so I can really help you. It is a shame you have to fight him one-on-one, utherwise he’d more than likely be dead, right?

Well the thing I can really suggest is to try and get and accessory that decreases his attacks, or to level up more. Sorry I can’t be any more help.

Well, I’ve leveled up a bit, and brought MP Heal along with me as well as some Invincibility pills. I managed to get past him (took me 3 Mystic Arts and about 15 turns of double Sleeping Dragon to take him out), but it gets harder. Now I have to fight Stiel. O_o

Thanks for the help, and use my experience as a reference if you ever find Avalon in the Dream Match. Farewell!

Heh, i find the best strategy is to have a fast character, eg sharon, in your group so they can maybe heal you before the enemy gets a chance to move, and have Lang using Mystic Arts and hyper arts, with the other character casting support magic on Lang, and using hyper arts. That got me through most hard bosses in the game. Did you learn all arts?

As for equipment, i never really bothered finding rare accessories, so i can’t help you there. Have you opened up the secret markets yet?

Jet, I’d go for an all out team attack, but it’s the Dream Battle and you only get 1 character to use. But thanks anyway.

And I got the hidden shops to show up, too. 8)

Jet, that is why I said it is a shame it was a one-on-one fight. For if you could have a team it would be a whole lot easier, but then that would ruin the challenge of the Dream Battle.

Ah, sorry, i didn’t realise… i tend to just rush through rather than read things thoroughly.:hahaha; This dream battle, where in the game is it? Is it a secret?

That’s in the arena in Phorcoon. Give it a try! The bosses are:

Balken, Raynof and Vixon
Marienne and Elliot
Velna and Vestra

Heh, it’s a lucky coincidence i just got the game back today, my friend’s been borrowing it for months :fungah: Probably give it a go later.

Does Avalon use the same moves as in the final battle? And what’s Stiel?

Avalon uses only his Elzebraust attack, nothing more. And Stiel is the hidden boss from the Guild Missions. You can fight him by doing the one about the monsters in Thunder Mine.

You also meet him on many different occassions. He is the one in the silver armour, who has his feat up at the Hunter’s Guild in Kravia(?). He is one of the toughest bounty hunters around.

Yep, and he fights off one of the monsters at Mt. Gale during the Guild Mission. He’s not too hard if you have Stun Guard and No Double Attack.