Damn Yankees *shakefist*

And the Yankees win 6-5 in the 11th. Bah.

YankeesSuck is staying as the bot in #rpgclassics until the Yankees can’t win the World Series. The Marlins better make me have to take it down. And if they don’t, well, YankeesSuck is staying up for a whole year at least.

No, we’re changing the bots name to ClothHat_Rocks

Originally posted by Cloth Hat
No, we’re changing the bots name to ClothHat_Rocks

No. We’re not.

Let’s have a vote, all in favor of changing it: view this thread.

Too bad we’re an oligarchy with this minor part of the chat being administrated in and not some democracy where every chatter can vote on what they want willy nilly.

Thanks for your votes 984 and Kag :slight_smile:

Psh, this is supposed to be about how much the Yankees suck, not about the obvious lies that you rock CH. You’re banddd.

Noooo, it was 5-2. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Favorite movie has been altered accordingly.

“Like Derek told me, the ghosts will show up eventually…and they did.” ~ Aaron Boone

Who cares? Its a silly game.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of people care Roun.

This is my cousin’s AIM away message:
Screw you,Yankees. I officially don’t care about the world series and it’s all your goddamn fault. You and your fans have no appreciation for what winning is.You do it so much that its just something to toss by the side, even though it should be something special; it’s like sex to whores. Because of this you are the antithesis of what it means to be a Philadelphian fan, especially one born in these last painful 20 years. Yankee fans, since you keep on winning while we keep on losing, it is only fitting for us to hate you. It is the only meager response we can give to make you feel what we always do.
But we, the cursed, the losers, will have the last laugh when our team’s victory is 1000 times as sweet as your 20 someth.

Seems appropriate to add to the discussion.

Dude, that’s trolling. I don’t want to see you do it again. We warned you before. I won’t do it again, CC. If that’s all you have to say about a particular topic, keep your trap shut. We don’t need that kinda pointless, non-discussion generating, negative and irritating banter.

God. That makes me madder than it ought to. I mean, dude. The guy didn’t fucking take out Pedro until he got like three runs scored off him?? until he walked like two guys?? Until three people in a row got like, spectacular base hits? After Pedro pitched seven totally awesome innings? What the FUCK?! what the FUCK, man? You just don’t tire out your best pitcher like that. It’s stupid. It’s useless. It just brings everybody’s morale down. It’s like slitting your own team’s wrists, boiling your own team over a slow flame. Goddamn. shakes head sadly

-Mazrim Taim

Go Yankees!

(And mine is not trolling, it’s a running gag :p)

Originally posted by X_countryguy
[b]Go Yankees!

(And mine is not trolling, it’s a running gag :p) [/b]

Considering the state we live in, if you DIDN’T say that you might be hung. You can’t believe the dirty looks someone in my chorus class got after dressing up in Red Sox parephenelia…

(In other words- joke not got- one point for you!)

EDIT: Ah. Reading the other baseball threads helped. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least they should have taken him out after he gave up the double. That was the sign right there that he was falling apart. But no, they left him in -_-




Now I’m stuck rooting for the Marlins. I feel dirty.