Damn we were kept in the dark.

Other attacks thwarted through intelligence gathered in the program include a planned strike with an explosives-laden water tanker on U.S. Marines at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti


This is a quote from an article on MSNBC. This was while I was still out there. They never even told us about some of the plots. I searched so many fucking water trucks out there it was crazy. Damn my command was fucked up, they shoudl have told us. We only got the same vague details: “the enemy is out there,” “stay alert,” “there enemy is always watching, the enemy is always listening,” “OPSEC.” But we were never told of any actual threats that were planned. In a way it helps me feel better about my deployment though since it increases the danger.

EDIT: Makes me glad I kept my plates in the whole deployment even though they said we could take them out.

EDIT 2: I also like how MSNBC refers to it as fighting in the shadows since the stuff going on in the Horn of Africa is largely forgotten.

Oh, the humanity!