Damn this hurts...

Got my wisdom teeth cut out today. My mouth is soaked in blood and I’m afraid to eat soup or anything, and my mom is telling me to eat some when my lower lip and jaw is as sore as hell. So fucking frustrating >_<

I can’t wait for my sister have her’s out. She may seem tough but she can’t handle pain very well. I on the other hand have a very high pain tolerance. Yeah, having a metal rod stick out of your spine will do that.

Wisdom teeth? I have not got those (yet anyway) so I’m alright. But I have had a couple of teeth pulled. It wasn’t that bad.

But can’t they just use some sort of pain killer, or something, to make your mouth all numb?

I’ve got pain killers, but I have to eat something to take it, but my mouth is literally soaked in blood, and I’m not eating soup with a mouth full of blood.

Cro, shouldn’t you, y’know, have like…cotton swabs in the back of your mouth to absorb the blood? It helps and wait a few hours to eat, hell, I didn’t drink any of my liquid diet until a day after my teeth were sliced out of my gums.

Yeah uh dude you shouldn’t even be on the computer if you got them out TODAY. I was told no hand eye coordination for awhile.

How many W teeth did you get out? Getting them out on the top isn’t too bad, but the bottem teeth kill. If I were you I’d sleep it off. Don’t eat today, wait till the next day, cuz you’re gonna swell up badly, and slurping soup while that happens isn’t good. You shouldn’t be sucking on anything at all, like straws, anything from spoons, etc. Wait like two days.

I ate bread the first day, soft bread, and I crumpled it up with my hands and then used my tongue to chew. I also ate macaroni and cheese, one or two noodles at a time. Hot soup filling your mouth might be a bit too extreme for the first day. GO to bed and sleep some hours off. I felt a lot better the second day even though I was really bruised and couldn’t open my mouth half way.

o_0 wtf?

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My wisdom teeth experience was relatively pain free. With painkillers, and very well done surgery (they even sewed up the holes where the w teeth were with disintegrating stitches), mine was little more than a minor nuisance, though I had to lay down at the nurses at one point, I didn’t suffer “mouth full of pools of blood”, so I got lucky.

Best of luck to you.

I hated when I got mine out. I didn’t eat anything for the entire week, because I was afraid that I’d make the stitches come loose, and then they’d have to re-stitch it up again.

On the first night when I got them out, I kept drooling blood on my pillow, so I couldn’t sleep that night.

Boy am I glad that’s over with.

Get better soon. I know your pain.

It’s a long story but here’s a short version:

I was diagnosed with a brain tumore when I was thirteen months old. I went through chemo and radiation to get rid of it. The part of my body that was raidiated was my spine. Now normally, that isn’t such a bad thing but scoliosis ran in my dad’s side of the family. I love her dearly but my grandmother looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Anyway, the hereditary factor plus the radiation casue my spine to curve too. When I was in seventh grade, (I’m a junior in college now) the curve in my spine was over 90 degrees. I had surgery to stretch my spine and had is fused together with a metal rod. A week after surgery the hook attaching the rod to my spine somehow broke loose from my spine. Let’s just say I’ve never heard myself screech before.

Well, there is one positive thing from the chemo (If there is such a thing), I don’t have any wisdom teeth :hahaha; or sinuses.

Oh yeah? On the first night my tongue wouldnt stay in my mouth. I was so drugged up, I couldn’t feel my tongue and I kept lashing it out at people all night trying to see it. I shudder from the horrors my mom tells me.

Ow ow ow… I haven’t got any yet. >_> Hope I never will.

My teeth are nice.
No regulation. No wisdom teeth. And no holes.


I had all four taken out. And don’t think I’ll eat anything today either. I’ll keep what you said in mind. I tried sleeping, but I couldn’t sleep well :confused:

If Cro were an IRC addict and the world were like bash.org:
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[14:42] <Crotanks> ow ;_;

I had all four of mine taken out at the end of March. I didn’t have too much pain or bleeding like you do, but I did sleep like 16 hours a day due to pain killers. Pain killers rawk.

When I had my teeth out there was barely blood, and not a huge ammount of pain( this could be because i was asleep during the operation and the local aneisthetic didnt wear off until 2 hours later) The best thing to eat is weetabix (if you can get them) soaked in milk until they’re soft.

I have no wisdom teeth, I have no wisdom… :enguard:

Haw. That made me feel a wee better. Though that looks more like something TD would do >.>

Did they give you any pain killers? I got extra strength ibuprophen which usually knocked me out after 20 minutes, plus numbed the pain. I had 3 wisdom teeth taken out and they were bad enough…4 ;_; Eek. Try to keep yor head elevated as well, if you lay down.