Damn this annoys me

Is it l’Hopital’s rule or l’Hospital’s rule? My calculus textbook has it written as l’Hospital but that doesn’t sound like any French name I know, if it <i>is</i> even named after an individual.


Yes, it’s Hospital and yes, google can tell you after whom it was named.

It’s both, actually.

Yeah. I always was taught l’Hopital. Probably cause we would’ve made fun of the guy had it been l’Hospital.

It makes sense that it’s both, but I’ve always seen it l’Hospital in my textbooks (and we were making fun of it anyway). shrugs

I think it’s pronounced L’Hopital’s Rule, but is written L’Hospital’s Rule.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillaume_de_l’Hôpital , his name was spelt with a silent s, which was later dropped from the french language. Because his name is french for “hospital”. I suppose Church is also a hilarious name?