Damn that hurts.

Yesterday I had all four wisdom teeth pulled. Shit, I haven’t been in that much pain in awhile. This morning I was all sick, but I’m starting to feel better. Ouch, the people at the office were very nice and helpful though. My teeth and mouth are still a little sore. I can hardly eat liquid stuff (like pudding or icecream).

Sleep all day adn all night. That’s what I did when I had mine pulled out. You’ll feel better after two or three days of sleep.

You should NOT be on the computer young man. No hand-eye coordination for at least two days till the drugs wear off. Take one extra strength ibuprophen (which they should give you) each day and night. Trust me, you’ll wake up at night in pain. Those things knock it right out. Anyways, you’ll start to get a bit funky, so brush your tongue for about 30 seconds, plus a good cleaning doesn’t hurt. You wont be brushing normally for awhile. Try eating solid foods by taking bite size pieces with your fingers and crunching them up. Like bread and butter. I ate a lot of that when I got my 3 teeth out.

Get lots of books too. And don’t use any straws. And don’t run your tongue around your mouth. Don’t want to pop them suckers and bleed. let them dissolve on their own.

DR Eva makes another wisdom teeth housecall.

I had 3 teeth out years ago, too.

Don’t you just hate the bleeding?

Pop what suckers?

The stitches. If you run your tongue around your mouth, I assume you would eventually irritate your raw gums which would make the stiches pop out, leading to heavy bleeding this early on.


From what I’ve seen and understand, it’s different for everyone - I’ve heard about dream cases, and then I’ve heard about nightmares. My brother had his removed a couple of months ago, and he was fine the next day and eating normal food (yes, in small pieces, but normal food nonetheless). I’m actually having mine removed (I only have three) in a couple of weeks. I’m nervous about it, but I think it’ll be all right.

Didn’t they give you some nice drugs for later? Don’t let the pain get ahead of you, so go ahead and take something good. Take it easy. =)

when my little sister( i have two finris isent the only one) got her teeth pulled out they filled her so fool of drugs we thought we would have to take her to a rehab clinic. :moogle:

I totally feel your pain, man. When I had my wisdom teeth out, it hurt for, like, days.

Eva: I was drugged when I got my first two wisdom ones removed. That’s because my cousin/dentist used some cream in my mouth for anesthesycs. He said ‘don’t swallow this’, but I did. It was an accident, I thought it would be toxical if I swallowed it. turns out that I got in a state that I can only describe as drunkness + visions. It wore off in 6 hours. I went playing videogames right then. Bomberman and Internationl Super Star Soccer Deluxe were piece of cake. So don’t tell him he’ll have no coordination for two days.

I’m one of the dream cases. Almost no pain except for psychosomatic ones, though my mouth was swollen for about a day or two. Eva, you’re right about the stitches. There was one in the top part of my mouth that was dangling down and making it painful and difficult to eat 'cause I didn’t want to get food in there and have it become infected. I cut it off it all was fine. Until I woke up the next day and realized all my stitches were gone. I think I swallowed them in my sleep. Somehow.

Well, I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about the girl, but she is what got me better. I was told that she would be hanging otu with my friends and I so I made it an effort to feel better and get with them. Yeah, the bleeding sucked ass, especially when I was numb and couldn’t tell (it was even dripping down my chin). The pain is gone for the most part, it isn’t bad anyway, especially after takign 2 vikaden (or however you spell it). The girl, who is ironically a dental assistant, was surprised I had them pulled with no drugs, just numbing. It sucks that I have hiccups now though.

Man, I feel your pain, Nick.

I remember getting all four of mine pulled out back in September, and boy, the first night was HELL. Couldn’t sleep since I kept drooling blood all over my pillow. But I was high as all fuck when I woke up after the surgery. =P

About on the third day, I was able to eat soft stuff like jello. Then move on up to soup.

But I feel your pain, and hope you recover fast.