Damn It!

I’m trying to get BrMSX off my system, but it WON’T LET ME DELETE THE FUCKING THING BLARGH-- er, it claims it’s still in use every time I try to flush it and it’s not running. So… what the hell do I do?

And BrMSX is?

You should try and ask the almightly Oracle of Google, it knows most thing. At least, it knows where to find things.

Originally posted by Nulani
And BrMSX is?

MSX emulator.

You should try and ask the almightly Oracle of Google, it knows most thing. At least, it knows where to find things.

…You think a search engine can answer my little query?

Oh, what the hell.

try restarting your computer and before you do anything else go to delete it…if that doesnt work than its far to complicated for me

And in related news:

Remember that !@#%ing Cyber Sentinel program I’d installed in my PC, thinking it was an antivirus? The one that turned out to be a child-protection software, and would lock my PC over the stupidest things (like the word, “Manga?”) so I had to shut it off EACH AND EVERY TIME I logged on? I posted about it here months ago. Well, after trying EVERYTHING (I even went to the CyberSentinel website and followed THEIR instructions, and it STILL appeared!) Well, I finally got rid of it- thanks to an idea by my friend Angel, who knows more Net Stuff than I did: I downloaded that Iron Key software (the one used to encrypt stuff) I encrypted it, and- VOILA! It’s LOCKED AWAY and no longer bothers me! YEEEEESSS!!! If nothing else works, you might try that, Form!

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Didn’t work.

Wilfredo Martinez:
a.) I’m trying to delete an MSX emulator, not a lockout program.
b.) I want it GONE, not locked away.

Maybe it would help if you gave us some more information. What does it say when you attempt to delete it?

Start -> Run

Type in “msconfig”

Click “startup” tab.

Uncheck box next to the BrMSX executable.

Click “General” tab

Check box next to “selective startup”.

Apply Changes.

Restart computer.

Uninstall BrMSX.

Green Mage: Tried it. It’s not under startup.

Cybercompost: And I quote…

"Cannot delete BRMSX: Access is denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected
and that the file is not currently in use."

Unquote. Coincidentally, it’s 310 KB (318,212 bytes) and 327,680 bytes are being used.

Seriously. What the FUCK?!

Is it running? CAD to make sure it’s off. If not, just uninstall the damn thing through the control panel.

Oh yeah, I’ve had similar problems. Try copying everything that’s in that folder except for the offending files and put it into a new folder. Then delete the original folder and replace all of your items.

Although, I’ve only done this with individual files, not an installable program…

Actually, I believe I had the same problem, with the same program myself. I just wanted to delete that useless emulator, because it is. But I couldn’t. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to remove it.

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