Damn bus drivers...

Before I start, I need to set the scene a bit:

Usually after school, a large group of students, myself included, go out to a nearby bus stop. The bus is usually late, as all American city buses are, but each student still gets a ride. Two days ago, one idiot jumped in front of the bus just as it arrived. No students were admitted onto said bus, and we had to wait for the next. I don’t know what it was like yesterday, as I got a ride home, But today…

Today, we were waiting in the infernal Arizona summer afternoon heat for the bus, it just went and passed right by us without stopping. We then waited for another bus, and when the second bus arrived, that one went right on by without stopping too. I went to the nearest pay phone, and called for a ride home.

Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

Only once, and the bus went by only once. They might have been full.

I’m guessing you’re talking about public transport? I’ve never been on one of…<i>those</i> buses before…only a school bus. Your thread is one reason I don’t use them, although our buses here differ greatly from buses in Arizona, I’m assuming.

Public buses hear drive by, too. Happened to me when I really had to get somewhere(ya see I don’t have a car yet).
But mostly I have to deal with school buses that have way to many students assigned for its cappacity.

Happened to me once before. The bus was just full, because, since our school gets out 15 minutres later than the others, they pick up ALL the other high school students first, which leaves maybe 3 seats for ours.

I despise buses, and avoid them at all costs.

Yes, Zhou. That happens all the time here. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commision) has received many complaints about drivers refusing to stop and certain stops, not announcing stops, and generally being rude. I don’t like many of them (most of them don’t even say anything when you climb aboard), but I gotta take the bus. 8)

Oh we don’t have that problem here in London. No. What we have is waiting three times the amount of time we have to for a bus, then two to four busses come along AT THE SAME TIME.

If those two buses were full, I wouldn’t have made this thread.

The first bus could’ve held all the students waiting at that stop, and the second bus was almost empty. They both made stops at every other stop on the route, too…which really ticked me off.

Get in touch with the city and make a complaint, pref with a couple of your friends and if your and their parents bitch too, it’ll add pressure since they’re voters. They shouldn’t do that to spite you guys cuz 1 moron decided to be an asshole. There are people to call for stuff like that.

I am not going to get into the RTL, I believe I’ve complained enough about them, and TO them, and to everyone I know (yet nothing’s moving) and to any possible instance that I just decided to resign myself.

I like to jump onto the roof of the bus and start pounding on it. and yelling. it’s hillareous.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I despise buses, and avoid them at all costs.

I wanna get a short school bus, fill the back of it with huge canisters of various caustic fluids, mount a flamethrower to the top, and drive around burning stuff down while shouting “BOCES THIS, motherfuckers!”

(Val knows what BOCES means, the rest of you just smile and nod)

Also, start working now so you can buy some cheap ass car when you turn 16.

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(Val knows what BOCES means, the rest of you just smile and nod)

I know BOCES- XCG should, too. I think its a NY thing.

You have just made me realise that my town has excellent public transport services. Granted, it costs an arm and a leg if you don’t have one of the tickets that lasts for a month, but it’s still good.

I’m yet to see a bus drive past me, and most of them will actually wait if they see somone who’s just a couple seconds too late.

They don’t go very often though, about once every half an hour.

My English is crap today.