Damn Ancients!

Does anyone have any tips for defeating the Ancient Barbarians before you fight Baal in Diablo 2: LOD?

ok you need to be a tad more specific answer these for us

  1. what class are you
  2. what skills are your primary skills, like the ones you use in combat
    3.heh i could just help you kill them this weekend if you want but i want to try and help you first.

Sorceress, and I mainly use level 17 Nova and level 13 Frozen Orb.

ok thats better hmmm a cold sorc aye…
you might want to consider being 2 types of magic instead of one cause isnt one of them immune to cold? other then that i find the ancients harder for sorces so keep trying and good luck!

…I’m a Sorceress myself, and I didn’t find the Ancients hard…

I suggest you bring a mercenary (preferably a Barbarian), and run around a lot, casting Frozen Orb right and left. And investing some points in Cold Mastery would help a lot, too. ^^

Yes bring a Barb Merc. The best way to beat them, is to target Madawc first as he has a ranged attack which is the most dangerous to a sorc. Other than that once your merc dies, run around casting Orb every time you get a sizable lead on them. Watch out for the Leaper Barb though, his attacks range is longer than it seems.