Dammit Dammit Dammit!

My comp’s gone kablooie earlier this morning, and it still refuses to boot up. I dunno if it will get better, but it’s been doing this on occassion, I’m about to declare the comp dead as a doornail.

Which means I lose all of my stuff… YAAAAY.either way I’m going to push for a new comp. I wish I had the money, but I’m getting no callbacks from the temp agencies I applied to. Bleh.

One hopes that we can get a new computer dsoon, or this one will get better long enough to put my favorites somewhere. Mreh. What can you do?

Have you tried putting the hard drive in another comp? What do you mean when you says it fails to boot? Does it get to the point where anything is displayed on the screen? Any error messages?

What Kero said; Even though the 'puter might’ve gone boom, the harddrive might still work. Try performing a rescue from that.

Im sure you’ll be able to save the data off the hard drive.

Yeah, I mean, it’s not as if the motor in your HD burnt out or anything (unlike some drive’s that weren’t sitting too far away from me not too long ago… :fungah: ) even if you want rid of the PC as a whole, you should be able to bleed everything off of that HD onto the new one (safe to assume it’ll be bigger than the old one).

Either way, though, your problems does indeed still suck. :thud:

Sometimes all you have to do is a small change here or there to get it working again. You say it doesn’t boot… Do you get a blank screen when you turn it on or does it display error messages? Or (I hope not) does it show crazy rubbish characters in the screen?

Well we figurcd out what was was wrong… Stupid keyboard… And no, I don’t know why. Using charmap right now. Ehe…

Explain to me how the keyboard can cause so much trouble to the whole computer?

If there is no keyboard plugged, it says “keyboard not found, press F1 to continue”. And no, this isn’t from microsoft, but rather from motherboard manufacturers.

CC, if I could explain it, I’d be fixing it. But hey, the PoS is so fucked up it does something right for a change… Either way I won’t get a new keyboard until Friday. sighs Library it is until then. BTW, Ren, it’s effectively blank: Gateway logo shows up, name slowly appears… then nothing. No boot progress bar, not even a frickin’ beep…