Dalton (and all y'all dudes):

Dalton: Holy Calculator is a reference to this picture of me from the 8th grade, back when I first joined RPGC. It’s what everybody got to know me by, so, check it out:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/mazrimstuff/marlon2.jpg”>

The thing I’m holding in my hand is a graphing calculator, lol. This is pretty badass, now that I see it again…but I haven’t looked at it in a bunch of years. Brings back memories, heh. So then DN made a picture (which I don’t have, sadly) with this, and “Holy Calculator” over it, and thus Holy Calculator was my first title back when we had the EZboards.

All Y’all Dudes: Geez, nice GOING turning my birthday thread into a bitchfest, lol. I’m really flattered though…truly. Everybody who wrote poetry for me (even Nessa! you rock! :D), that was way more than I deserve. Your creative energies devoted to me make me feel really cool, and I love all of you so much. You just gotta stop being bitches at each other and like, be willing to laugh at Hades when he’s making a fool of himself. I have a friend, and he told me once, “I will not ever back down from a joke. Not ever.” He’s like, the most hilarious person I know, because of that. He just keeps a joke going, on, and on, and on, and he KNOWS how dumb it is but ALSO knows that if he keeps it going long enough, all the judgments of whether it’s stupid or not will just drop away, and it just becomes HILARIOUS. Hades totally reminds me of him. Like, he’s just made stupid jokes “a samurai could beat up a tank! Come ON guys, you’ve gotta be idiots not to believe me!” so many times that whenever he says something like that, it’s automatically happily hilarious, no matter how “true” or “right” it is. Lol, personal anecdote aside, Hades’ post in that thread made me laugh so hard,

“Do you guys do this with the sole intent to piss me off? Which half of Child did you ignore when you came to the conclusion that it was only one syllable? the “chy” or the “uld”? Or do you even know what a syllable is?”

Lol, you’re so poetic Hades. :stuck_out_tongue:

Merlin: Hey, hey, guess what guess what

FUCK YOU :stuck_out_tongue: I hate that goddamn picture, and by hate I mean it brings a smile to my face every time :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. This thread feels self-serving, but my birthday thread got fuckin CLOSED while I was sick in bed, and I needed to have some sort of comment to the board population on it. So I have this awesome excuse to continue the Maz-lav. :stuck_out_tongue:


How can you hate any pic with the Mazfro in it?

Eh. There’s a small Mazfro in the picture. Although, Maz needs to show the Mazfro picture too. :smiley:

Heh, I remember that picture. It was the source of much amusement.

You were in 8th grade when you first joined? You were 12…like me, right? Or 13, whatever. That puts us both in 6/7th grade. I guess.

Or maybe not.

I already explained to Dalton what the Holy Calculator was :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for posting the pic. It’s a cool pic :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m as sorry about that thread being closed as you are. I actually had to ask Sin to close it because it was like, tainting your aural AWESOMENESS. Sorry man ;_;

You want fro, I have fro for you :wink:

We know who that is but who is this one?


Er…I mean… ahem >_>;

Heh…sorry, Maz. You’s cool. Plz dun eat me. ;_;

DN: Rudora.

Well, I never went to kindergarten, so I’m a year younger than my grade, so yeah…it was the beginning of 8th grade I started posting.

did you like my haiku Mazzy :smiley:

Holy crap, a thread with my name in it. I’ve only seen that ONCE.

That Holy Calculator looks pretty cool. Is it one of those T1-83 thingies? They do graphs and all that cool stuff.

Man, seeing all this makes me wish I had the Internet back during the old days of RPGC. I would have started shrining right away, and think of all the cool stuff I would have accomplished by now. 8)

I wanna see your costumes Maz, got a webpage or something devoted to them?

12 entries found for child.
child ( P ) Pronunciation Key (chld)
n. pl. chil·dren (chldrn)

  1. A person between birth and puberty.
    1. An unborn infant; a fetus.
    2. An infant; a baby.
  2. One who is childish or immature.
  3. A son or daughter; an offspring.
  4. A member of a tribe; descendant: children of Abraham.
    1. An individual regarded as strongly affected by another or by a specified time, place, or circumstance: a child of nature; a child of the Sixties.
    2. A product or result of something specified: “Times Square is a child of the 20th century” (Richard F. Shepard).

with child


…and so on, and so on.

And before you jump at my throat for being an asshole and insulting your masterpiece of a haiku because you need to release some stress because your hamster died when you were nine, here’s an irc poem written in exactly 3 minutes (quite obviously, heh :P). I suck at poetry, but moles rock.

[17:39] DT|shrine> I’m giving you a candy bar
[17:39] DT|shrine> to celebrate your birth.
[17:40] DT|shrine> for you, I wish, my shining star
[17:40] DT|shrine> all peace and eaven on earth.
[17:40] DT|shrine> for you are my light and my sun
[17:40] DT|shrine> and my sky, my life and my soul.
[17:40] DT|shrine> so I’m wishing you so much joy and fun
[17:41] DT|shrine> and insight as much as a … mole? o_o;
[17:42] DT|shrine> may you recover again, and so fast
[17:42] DT|shrine> that your love will shine down on me once more.
[17:43] DT|shrine> for I know that it is what will die last-
[17:43] DT|shrine> forever. and will never grow sore. ^^
[17:43] DT|shrine> ~ the end?~

Guys, gals, friends…all poetry is beautiful :smiley: You must learn this, this is essential. It’s the act of mindful creation that makes a poem beautiful, far more than the words themselves. Some people are better at mindfully creating, and it is possible to learn to mindfully create better, but the beauty behind poems isn’t a question of quality at all. It’s a question of, how much did I care about these words I wrote.

Shinobi, I was touched by your haiku. :smiley: You can play with me any time. Hades, your poetry makes me smile because you smile as you write it. :smiley: BigNutter, I am ever-flattered by your words of praise. Thank you. Admiral Nagumo, you honor me too much. Nick Wolfwood, heehee. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice.

And DT, I dig your poetry like I dig your soul, much love for ever and ever. For reals. ^^

Poetry should stand apart from bitchfests. It’s a sacred thing. So Hades decides to say “child” as two syllables? He’s the poet, it’s his poem. Appreciate it.

And always remember that short poems (even just one line!) can be just as beautiful as long ones, as Nessa’s was. :slight_smile: One of my favorite poems by a real-life poet who makes a living getting his poetry published is just two lines long.

Everybody takes me too seriously
Nobody believes anything I say
–Philip Whalen, “The Madness of Saul”

DT: Why would I be offended? We weren’t debating the definition of child, silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Mazrim has forced me to feel ashamed, for I left nothing in the other thread for him. Maz has my shame -_-;; Surely that must be as beautiful as a poem? (which I cannot write?) Thank for for being an outstanding personality in RPGC :cool:

Haikus suck ass
Since they put limitations
On syllables used

Note it only displayed one syllable

DN, During my Time away, I actually had an Afro for a while. I’ll see if I can find the pics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Mega-Gel hair on left, Free on the right. My fro was about twice the size before I had it cut. I never took a pic of it :stuck_out_tongue:
<img src=“http://users.tpg.com.au/adslad59/jeson/curls.jpg”><img src=“http://users.tpg.com.au/adslad59/jeson/fro.jpg”>

No it didn’t. Dictionary.com (which is obviously where you got that from) doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t split syllables up in the pronunciation. And like I said, regardless of what any definition says, there are two distinct syllables in that word.

I challenge you to use logic instead of letting inanimate objects speak for you. Are you capable of doing that?

(And look at the plural. It only shows one syllable for children.)