Daikatana wannabe?


This was supposed to be on the GC, PS2 and I think maybe even Xbox, but it ended up being dropped from the GC. This has been in the works since before I bought my GC probably 4 years ago and so its just absurd that it keeps being pushed back. I don’t think we’ll be seeing SC ghost sadly and it won’t have been worth the wait.

Sounds like it. :confused:

Well, I won’t mind if they’re simply scrapping the platform and putting it onto next-gen consoles instead.

Actually, it sounds more like Duke Nukem Forever, with it being pushed back so they can use newer hardware and all. Hopefully, they’ll cancel the damn thing and give us Starcraft 2.

I wouldn’t mind if they just scrap the project and make another damned RTS.

Yeah, I’d rather take Wc4!

Why would anyone “wannabe” Daikatana?