Daicon III/IV

I just had the pleasure of seeing this gem produced by Gainax before they were even Gainax last weekend at my club’s final 24-hour marathon. It’s kind of a homage to a lot of early anime and American cartoons/comics done by what must have been just a bunch of talented fans at the time. It violates more copyrights than I could ever hope to, so I don’t believe it’s ever been or will be officially released. For those who have seen it, though, I’m looking for the name of the music that plays in two sections. The first is the song that plays throughout Daicon IV, and the second plays through the epilogue stuck on the end where they show the animation going from sketches to full scenes.

Daicon IV uses the song “Twilight” by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), also of Densha Otoko fame. Great song.

Yeah, Daicon is awesome.