Da Vinci Code(spoilers)

Okay, I saw the movie and I can understand why some religious people may be pissed off about it. It basically implies that the Church is misogynistic and dedicated towards repressing women, and the human spirit.

See, the plot twist is that Mary Magdalene married Jesus and had his child, and that Christ wanted Mary Magdalene to found the Church. And that, if people found out about this, Christianity would somehow become a liberal, tolerant religion. But instead the Church repressed it, and made up the fact that Jesus was a God. This way Christianity became repressive towards women and sex and made humans feel inferior because Jesus was a God and they weren’t, or something to that effect.

Did anyone else get this from the movie?

This isn’t a new theory from what I understand. It’s because it (the Code) has such widespread appeal that the Church is now more vocal in its attack on the idea.

The repression part isn’t new. Women and men haven’t been considered equal in the church since forever. Remember the uproar some women cause in the late 90’s for wanting to become priests?

Also, the sources Dan Brown used for his book are known to contain theories that are widely considered false.

I’ve found that most of the hubbub seems to stem from the disclaimer at the beginning of the book that all of the people, places, and events the book is based on (other than the deliberately fictional characters and the actual plot of the book) are genuinely true. Which is patently absurd on a cursory examination of them. He doesn’t even get the location of the various places correct.

Yep, from what I hear it’s not only the church but also historians and the like who are up in arms about the Code. I haven’t bothered much with it myself, but my friend who majors in history and religion was practically frothing at the mouth about it ^^;;

The only thing Dan Brown says in that Disclaimer is that Opus Dei exists and that descriptions of sites and artwork are authentic. Nothing more. Read guys, read.

Whether or not the movie/book were telling the truth, since BOTH the bible and the movie/book are works of fiction, I’ll put my faith into the one that actually sounds feasable.

Da Vinci Code = Winner

Meh, I don’t know what to think anymore. But Ill tell you this, Dan Brown makes alot of sense. But this really hasn’t effected my views much. All I know is that the bible is misleading and that there is a God…and most likely a Jesus christ. But it was humourus seeing religeous fanatics protesting about the movie what with their… little posters and signs having the Davinci Code with an X on it. Its a goddamn movie for christ’s sake! What are they afraid of? Controversies? by protesting about them then its just conferming it to other people. Dan Brown himself states the book (although based on facts) is fictional, not a biblical substitute. I know I may seen naive in saying this but " Everyone calm down, check if any body parts are missing, are you ok? Good, now slap yourself."

Many of the books of the Bible, read as literature, are pretty fucking astounding. Take Eccleisiastes and the Gospel of John, for instance. I think the Bible reveals many more fundamental mysteries of the human condition that Dan Brown’s clumsy prose ever will.

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I DID just plow through the book.

Not the best thing I’ve read, but I found it amusing. I’ve always dug codes and such in fiction.

And Joshua if you want some kickass action.