D2x Closed Game, IP Server

Friday Night, I’ll host. Meet in the chat if interested.
We all start to level one

((Dibs on sorceress!))

I’ll play. How many can play? 8?

I call assassin.


8 the max in a party.
We could make 2 party of 4, and assign them on dates.

I am so Zon.

If I can get on then and join, I’ll take the meat shield… er Paladin.

Amazon, if I manage to stay awake during that time of the night, and PSO isn’t draining my soul

Today’s party :
Booken (Sorceress)
Sorcerer (Assasin)
Shinobi (Druid)
MegamanX2K (Amazon)
StarStorm (Paladin)
Mabatsekker (Amazon)

Allright, Friday night 9 PM EST? =^^=

Maybe I won’t be able to get on. Oh well. I’ll try.

Mab, you be Java, I’m Bowa.

I got dibs on the bulletproof drunken thai stripper waitress

…wait, scratch that.

X, even better, I’ll be Spearazon. Penetrate those insects, I will…

Insect Raper. 9 PM sounds good.

I’ll be barb

now all we need is a necro

Ehh… I’m out for this booken.

Don’t crash your computer :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoo! Full hand? This is getting exiting =D

Slaps it back on top
Allright folks, tonight our big game. I’m letting D2 running on IP server.

All of you who wanna joins, connect on this IP

On a side note, don’t start Questing till there at least 5-6 people :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Changed IP, this is my real one

Can’t connect!

edit: Cuz I’m an hour early. Durh…

D2 doesn’t give out your real IP
That why it never worked
I used mIRC to get my real one
Corrected it