d00d, you cheesed me to death!

Just a thread about cheese and how it’s one of the best lactose products ever. Seriously, it is.

y’damn skippy, it is.

I prefer Red-sealed Edam qith cucumber & meetwurst. OF course, it’s kinda high in fat (28% at best) so it’s not so good. Nowadays, I’ve been moving on to Polar, a blue-sealed cheese. Pretty good when you melt it down a bit.

There is only one good cheese, and that is Norvegia: Which you can’t buy since it’s for the Norwegian marked only. HoHoHo.

my favorite kind of cheese is AUTHENTIC cheese…

There are cheese that isn’t authentic?

Cheese? I like the plain old muzzarella. It will do you some good even as stand-alone eating thing.

there might be. one cannot be sure…

I’ve seen government cheese before. Not sure what it is, but it might be fake cheese.

thank you, dai, for (somewhat) proving me right…

Government cheese must be cheese made in communist nations, since in those places every factory belongs to the government.

I find a strong Cheddar suits most occasions that demand a cheese. Red Wine calls for a chesse with a little less bite and softer texture, so possibly a Brie…

Grill cheez and sandwisches any time! with tomatoe soup of crouse.

I wuv cheese :smiley: Especially Tilsiter.

I usually use Cheddar for most dishes. I really like cheese on toast made using Cheddar and Worcestor sauce.

My favourite though, has to be Halloumi, a greek cheese made from goats milk. It doesn’t grill very well but it’s GREAT in toasted sandwiches or just to eat by itself. It’s very salty and has a very smooth texture.

It’s threads like these that will bring back the tower! YOU WANT THAT!?!!?

Charl, shut up. I’d have understood if this was a thread where I wasn’t serious about discussing cheese, but I am. I personally like cheese and would like to know cheeses all around the world.

Nul : It’s probably the same as various other brands of cheese that are “only for this and that country”.

Fuck heaven, I want PepperJack!!!

I must mention that Brie and Camembert aren’t as bad as they look like.

I like Provolone. A good sandwich cheese.