I got FFX-2.

I am enjoying it currently, the battles are fast, the graphics are good, and the music fits the mood.

I will write a better review later, when I play more of the game.

EDIT: The Topic is meant to be :D:D:D:D. Sorry about that.

Didn’t know it was out.(not that I’ll play it)

My friend got it. when he told me hadnt played it yet but said the girls look really hot

Yeah, i’ve seen a lot of pics, the girls DO look hot.

…I heard the music sucks. But I’ll have to play it myself to form my own opinion…although, I don’t think the story’s going to really make a mark or anything…the whole idea seems to be something to hold off FF fans who don’t want, or can’t play FFXI and are waiting for FFXII to come out.

Yay for polygonal breasts.

I also picked up my copy today. Actually, the girls aren’t particularly “sexed-up” other than their clothes, and there aren’t too many closeups and whatnot. It’s more about empowerment than sexuality, really. But the pace is extremely frenetic. So far, yes, the music sucks though. -_- I’m only a few hours in, however.