D&D Rules

With all the talk about D&D, I’ve been wondering about the best place to find a compendium of all the updated rules. Does anyone know of a site that has all that?

what version do you want?
2nd or 3rd edition?

3rd is more recent and so it will probably be used more often, right?

Not really, it’s a matter of taste and habit, me and DarkSand have used 2nd edition since our beginnings of AD&D so if we’d play again, we’d be far more comfortable with 2nd Ed.

And I refuse to stop to say that 3rd edition is more like a twink edition.

So, Third Edition is just a slightly modified Second?

3rd has been modified so much you can pretty much call it a new system. Most of the rules have been changed.
I have a few pages on 3rd edition on my subsite but most of the stuff I have is on 2nd edition. I started playing before 1st edition was called 1st edition, but I mix both 1st & 2nd edition into my games.

If you want 3rd edition rules I can’t help you but most the 2nd edition books are available to download on my subsite at http://rotd.rpgclassics.com/downloads/netbooks.shtml


Check it, 3e

Got all the basic rules, none of the extras.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> 3rd edition is a lot simpler, but many of the veteran players seem to prefer 2nd ed. I just play 3rd ed since it’s frickin’ impossible to find 2nd ed books around here.

And then there’s ed 3.5 which will be released in a while.

I’ll check it out ASAP. Thanks.

No Problems.

If you have any problems, queries or anything of the sort, feel free to ask.

I just bought the game…how do I start off? I am trying to play but I can’t!!! I am soo lost!!! HELP ME PLESE!!!

Well, do you have a group, Redwolfblue? You shall at the very least need someone to be the dungeon master, even if you are the only player.

If you want to start playing what you should do is read the Player’s Handbook from cover to cover (you don’t need to read all the spell info) then try to find yourself a Dungeon Master, preferably someone with a few years experience and join his game. You might feel lost at first but keep it up you’ll get the hand of it in no time.

3.5e will be the real twink.

Not much besides minor alteration of spell effects, which are only going to occur because of alterations in the names of game concepts.

The skills Pick Pocket, Wilderness Lore, and Alchemy are being redefined, with Alchemy stuck as a new subset of the Craft skill (which ironically allows more character classes access to the alchemical talents than originally)

Wilderness Lore becomes “Survival” (I guess to distinguish it from Knowledge(Nature))

Pick Pocket becomes “Sleight of Hand” (since, for reasons unknown, sleight of hand parlour tricks is all they described under how the skill was used).

They are also renaming Sunder “Improved Sunder” since you can “attack the target’s weapon” without actually having the feat.

They are extending Weapon Finesse to include ALL weapons that can be finessed, rather than one at a time.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they stuck a Saving Throw and Will Save on the Gate spell. (i.e., to get rid of the lamer method of casting Endure Elements(fire), planeshifting to the plane of fire, and gating in your enemy and commanding him to strip)

They are removing the “Beast” type, all “Beasts” with int scores of 1 or 2 become Animals, and all “Beasts” with higher int scores become “Magical Beasts” or some such fiddle-faddle.

The Shapechanger type is now a subtype (with the members being relegated to other types, such as Humanoid or Monstrous Humanoid for doppelgangers, Magical Beast for araneas, etc.)

They are also adding a sub-type for “native” and “extraplanar” to further confuse/clarify (depending on perspective) the troubles with how to handle Outsiders and the spells that affect them…

They are getting rid of partial actions (or changing their description of how they work, not sure which, but they won’t be called “partial actions”)

Also, as an extra boon, they are releasing the new Dragonlance Campaign Setting at the same time as the 3.5 e rules. Dragonlance will use the new rules (or so saith the man who works at the RPG Bookstore… can he be trusted? We’ll find out in July).

About Sunder…Well, it’s good. It’s not like you need a special ability to strike at someone’s weapon.

Yeah, if you’re Lunaris, you can just burninate the entire fucking forest and everything in it, including allies, enemies, AND their weapons! starts running like hell

You didn’t need a special ability before, they’re just changing the name of the feat to clarify to some supposedly dense people that you don’t need the feat to attack the enemy’s weapon.

I am especially looking forward to the chance to get Paladine’s divine statistics… mwahahahah…

Hmm, oh yes… more changes…

A few aesthetic/game-related changes to monsters will occur. Specifically, they decided having the vast majority of level adjustments being negated by a specific number enhancement bonus was too boring.

So, they changed it. Now damage reduction that is negated by silver, for instance, is no longer negated by weapons with enhancement bonuses. Vampire damage reduction is only nailed by holy weapons now, as well as the damage reduction of a few kinds of outsider…

They seem to be boosting the power level of most of the creatures in the monster manual. The basic osyluth is getting upped a few hit dice, which drives me nuts… I didn’t think they’d fool with CRs, makes it difficult to convert existing material… but wait… it is just a tweak, so existing material still works, except… it is a weaker type of osyluth…

Hmm… (confusion ensues)