CV SotN with unlockable extras for PSP

No, not quite.

SOTN is an unlockable. It’s Rondo of Blood that’s the real star of the package. It’ finally coming to us after 14 years of staying over at the other side of the pond. We can now finally forget that watered-down Snes port they’ve thrown at us back then.

It’s nice that I no longer need to blow 300+ for a Duo and Drac X. And the extras on SOTN should be nice… Maybe Maria will be playable in this version. I know IGA thinks the PSX ver was the best, so he’ll likely throw the Saturn additions on that one with more content.

All in all, it makes me even happier that I have a PSP. I knew that it was going to be worthwhile aside MMX, MM PU and SH O.

Wait, SOTN with its several bonus modes!?

Twitching with exuberant jubilation!! :stuck_out_tongue: