Its music is euhm…dissonant to say the least. Does it get better x_X?

Ehhh the only music I really liked was the Castle Hall.

No, the music’s never really any good. It seems like they sacrificed music for graphics, which isn’t a bad trade-off seeing how you can actually see what’s going on now.

I’ve habituated myself to the music now, so its not so bad anymore. Didn’t people keep saying how much easier this game was than CotM? I’ve died more in this than in CotM that’s for DAMN sure. o_O

By easier I think they mean it’s shorter.

IMHO, CotM was better than Hod.

HoD (seemingly) had a larger area to explore, with two castles and all, but I preferred the DSS system to the Fusion system (More variety, and it felt like it was too simple. Besides, I simply used the Bolt Book+Book. That made it about 50% easier.) That and HoD seemed a lot easier than CotM. Mind you, I’ve only played CotM in an emulator (I have the HoD cart)… And I did use save states on occasion.

My single problem with HoD is that is was less linear than CotM, and I tended to get lost more often.