Cute overload

It hurts

Indeed it does. But I am so much happier now.

I never knew such levels of cuteness existed!

oh! I love that site.
During a midterms week we all became obsessed with the hedgehots. ^^

I look at that site every month or so cos I love the birdies. They make me fucking squeal like a little girl - it’s retarded.

Huh… What does it say if this site doesn;t do anything for me? Not even a smirk, looking at those pics.

It means you’re dead inside, you heartless bastard.

It means you have less of a heart than me. Get some counseling with RPT.


Cute overload… I hope this means we can stay without cute pictures for the next couple of months.

Val, the Rabites are your avatar. It’s quite normal.

I look at it for the boobkittens, honest!

I mean … wait.

That polar bear looks kinda like its getting ready to crack open one of those Australian beers.:toast:


One of my office mates visits that site compulsively. Even during meetings, when she’s supposed to be taking notes. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a similar vein, but from a different domain, I give you:
Cat pictures!

that site needs more blood and chainsaws

Heartless bastard. :bowser:

Holy… furggin… cats… can’t… breathe…

You alergic, Ragnarok?

To cats? No. To cute? Maybe. To funny? Yeah. I start laughing and the next thing I know, I’m having trouble breathing (even after I stop laughing). But they’re so cute I can’t stop looking, which means I can’t stop laughing, which means I can’t start breathing!

Oh yeah, bananaphone!