Cute Flash

No comments from me right now. Too early in the morning; or late at night.

Eeeeh! Eeeeh! Eh! Eh! I like da bunny. ^-^



That was too cute. Why is it rated teen?


“I’ll dacne on your grave!”

“Not before my blade dances on your face!”

That is a mega-awesome line.

The girl reminds me of Nulani >>;

funny, that flash looks just like a regular day at my house.

:moogle: don’t remind me I still have burns from when I last fought finris.

Why don’t you make you life a comedy series?
There worse things on TV.coughsbradybunchcoughs :mwahaha:

I really want to watch it but I almost threw up after 10 seconds of seeing her walk onto the screen and do the ultra-cutesy anime emotion shit.

Is it worth watching past her walking onto the screen?

I’m not a Demon, I’m Death! And my eyes are green.

Kawaii. :kissy:

A bunny is set on fire. And a house. It’s worth it. ^-^