Custom Summons

You got that from KH’s Sephiroth’s attack ‘Sin Harvest’ didn’t you?

there surely is some relation :slight_smile:

here’s my summon creature based on a phucked up flash movie character
Name: Salad Fingers
Appearance: Green with lettuce leaves as fingers
Element: Poison
Attack 1: Throws rusted spoons
Attack 2: Confuses and berserks simply by speaking
Overdrive: puts nettles up to his nipples, causing deadly milk to squirt from them


What if you use Revolution, then Emotionalize ?

Oooh, you have a point there…Hmm…
Maybe I should change it to casting Doom on the party, and Regen on the Enemy. That way, you really shouldn’t use Emotionalize until you use Revolution. Because, Doom’s reverse effect would change to Auto-Life, and Regen would change to either a countdown, or poison…? I dunno…but I guess that would incorporate some more strategy…^ ^ Hmm, do you think this would be a better idea then?

Thanks for bringing that up–I didn’t think of that!

Or maybe, you cant use one if you use the other, or one cancels the other out… like Dia and Bio