Custom Summons

Inspired by the recent Custom class thread, I decided to do this.
If you could invent a new summoned beast, what would it be?
Here are some descriptions you could include:

-appearance: Big guy in Arab clothing :hahaha;

-abilities: Strong physical attacks, casts spells

-element: Air

-name: SHAZZAN!

-overdrive: YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND starts battle over

-appearance: Lion with black wings and red claws
-abilities: Gravajia
-element: Time
-name: Griever
-overdrive: Shockwave Pulsar

Nice to be inspiring !

Lets see, I always liked a giant wolf, but thats been done with Fenrir. So lets take a look at this…

Appearance: A bear.
Abilities: Maul, Hug(Bear Hug), and Crush(Body Smash)
Element: Earth, or N/A. Physical damage instead of Magical.
Name: Names are very difficult for me to think of, so i will name this summon Grizzly.
LimitBreak: Normaly, none, but since FF10… Paw Strike. An uber powerful claw attack that breaks the barrier(goes over 9999).

The ground shakes with the force of a force 10 hurricane. from the sky a dark form erupts and falls to earth.Landing next to the summoner, it appears to be hunched over to absorb the force of the fall. As it stands, two sets of wings free themselves from chains on its back. One set looks like a butterflys, the other an eagles.

Name: Seafood Ninja
Appearance: A huge ninja (a la yojimbo) with two sets of wings. it’s hair is blonde and spiky, and it wields a sword reminiscent of the Ultima Weapon (FFVII) but BIGGER.
Abilities: “Enough of this”, a sword attack that damages the enemy with elemental lightning, “Sushi time”, an attack that delivers seven powerful blows in quick succession. and " going somewhere?" an attack that creates a wall of earth around the enemy, effectively crushing them.
Element: lightning, earth, water.
Overdrive: Mana from Heaven. Causes fish to rain from the sky. after that, a huge giant squid strangles the enemy, while the ninja delivers nine sword slashes. Finally, it delivers a dolphin blow to smash the enemy with the force of a fishy friend!

Name- Yamamoto
Appearance- Japanese Naval Uniform from WWII
Abilities- Gil throw
Element- Non Elemental
Overdrive- Air Raid- Summons Aircraft to bomb the enemy.

Name: Insanum
Appearance: Dark human shaped cloud, with lights dancing in it’s head.
Abilities: Insanity: Confusion, Sleep, Darkness
Element: None
Overdrive: Depression, can cause instant death, or loss of attack strength and defense strength.

Appearance: Man wearing tattered rags
Abilities: Break Damage Barrier, Hobo Stab, Homeless Beg(steals gil), Train Wreck
Element: N/A
Name: HoboJoe
OD: Drunken Hobo Power-UP!!!(Doubles Attack Power)

I’d like to see one of the hellish beasts from Pierson’s FF8 fanfic, Diamond Dust . I get a cool picture in my head of that one.

Appearance: Human-ish, Beast-ish creature, no skin on body w/organs and muscles etc. showing through, skin stretched unnaturally tight over its face, eyes solid black w/point of red light in the middle. Voice is a cacaphony of agonized human voices ranging in gender and age.

Abilities: none, just strong as hell.

Element: Dark, Evil, whatever

Name: Pierson never names his creation, so I’d tentatively call it ‘Legion’, since it refers to itself as ‘us’.

OD: Obliterate. It beats the shit outta something.

-appearance- A gigantic penis

-abilities- MASSIVE damage

-element- nonelemental

-name- gigantic penis

-overdrive- I think you can figure it out…

Appearance: First Class SOLDIER uniform
Abilities: Omnislash
Element: N/A
Name: Cloud Strife
OD: Omnislash again??


ALso, how does a penis attack when its’ not attached to anything?
Does it just float?

Boys and girls use your imagination, or failing that, a paper towel.

My summons still cool though.

Yes, please do be imaginative.

I like the idea of a multi-elemental summon.

like Kjata? or Maduin?

Id love to Summon the four Chaos Gods Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh but there is this damn copyright


Name: Earthsuit
Appearance: Somewhat mechanical in appearance and humanoid. has a broken clock fused on its chest. Flies with only one wing, and a biomechanical jet sprouting out of its left shoulder. One arm is severely mutated…{Aaah, I dunno…making this stuff up off the top of my head… :boring: }
Element: “Breaker”
Abilities: “Revolution” Shifts the rules of reality. Example: Curing does damage, attacking heals, poison causes stone, haste causes stop, fire effects have ice effects, etc…
Element Overdrive: “Emotionalize” Casts revive on party. {Party automatically revives once after KO.} If succesful, a countdown is placed on the enemy.

I dunno… :booster: XD

Thank you Richter for the Revolution idea! ^ ^

Sounds like a nice Summon, but if everything is changed i would call it Revolution (just a thought)

Hmm, that sounds pretty good actually…I’ll probably change that then. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ahh, Warhammer!
Just create your own Chaos gods with the abilities they would hsve (I imsgine Khorne to be like Odin, Tzeentch to be like a really strong MindFlayer (IV), Nurgle to be like Doomtrain, and Slaanesh to cause confusion, sleep or take command of an enemy (seductive God of pleasure would be able to manipulate people).

Alright then

Name: Khorne
Attack : Lord of Skulls
Description : Wields his HUGE axe causing massive Damage

Name : Nurgle
Attack : Perversion
Description : Enemies mutate, causing various status effects

Mame : Slaanesh
Attack : Fate Storm
Description : Instantly kills everything but the caster

Attack : Warp of Chaos
Description : The Warp absorbs all MP and reduces HP to 1

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