Curiouser and curiouser...

Man, it never ends. -.-;

Doesn’t work.
And it’s ‘More and more curious.’: Curious. More curious. Most curious.

He was quoting Lewis Carroll. But yeah, the link’s broken.

It was up a while ago. Seems kind of a wild conjecture, seeing as how it’s basing its entire argument on what a couple of forum members of a conservative site posted.

Well, Nick Berg’s presence in Iraq leaves many questions. He was told to get out by the State Department, and even offered a free plane ride home, but chose to stay. Also, his laptop was used by the terrorist suspect Moussaoui. I think he was not part of some conspiracy, but was more like John Walker Lindh - an idealistic young man who found himself in way over his head.

-Silly old Lady on a Chocobo (Soldat’s fan Sub)

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