Hey guys. I haven’t been around for a while because my friend and I are totally addicted to this game. Has anyone heard of it? It’s for the PS2. As weird as it might sound it’s like a cross breed between Yu-gi-oh! and Monopoly. You get monster, magic, and item cards. You use your monster cards to claim territory on the game board. The object is to claim enough territory to have enough money (mana) to reach to goal and return to the castle space. I’ll post more it anybody’s interested.

Aparently this game is the first in a series of three that only appeared in Japan. The company that made it recently went bankrupt but then released the game in the U.S. I so hope the bring the sequels as well.

Some info on it:

A strategy/board game that combines elements of Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering, Culdcept is a direct port of the Dreamcast title of the same name. Features include 480 different cards, 28 stages, and arenas designed by tournament champions from Japan.

Name: Culdcept
NEC Interchannel
Origin: Japan
Number of Players: 4
Release Date
November 4, 2003
ESRB Rating: T
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Thanks Giza. I would have found that but I’ve been a little busy.

Heard of it…I’ll rent it.

Well, I’ve heard of the series… They were originally on Dreamcast. I had no idea that there were three, though. I’m very, VERY interested in the second one, because not only did it get amazing reviews, but my favorite composer, Kenji Ito (Final Fantasy Legend 2, SaGa Frontier, Sword of Mana) composed the music. It’s a really good soundtrack (Thanks to Kero Hazel for sending me the soundtrack), and I think it’s probly his best ever. Just listening to the music makes me wonder so much about the game. I might try renting the first one if I can find it :smiley:

SG, the original Culdcept (the one we’ve been playing) just came out in November. I don’t know in what quanities though, so I’d check around to see if a Blockbuster, etc. has it. I highly suggest it…and I thought Disgaea was addictive…think again.

I’ll look around for any plans to port the sequals.

EDIT: I’ve e-mailed NEC Games and asked if they had any plans on localizing Culdcepts 2 and 3. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll get a reply.

Yeah, keep us posted. :open_mouth: It’s something that at least I would be interested in knowing :smiley: