Cube's Star Fox games?

OK, Since I like the Star fox 64 and the SNES one too. Just a few days ago Star fox: Assult came out in the UK. I know there is another game, which isn’t airbone action but seems to be between 64 and this new game. (PS I liked TD Siggy.)

Should I buy them both when I get my Cube back?

All my consoles are currnetly in storeage whist We move house. So no matter how hard you ask me to buy now I’d can’t play on it.

If you’re a big fan of the other Star Fox games then both are bound to disappoint. Star Fox Adventures, or whater the hell it’s called in Europe, is pretty much one giant fetch quest with Zelda style gaming. And Star Fox Assault isn’t a flying game either. It’s about 2/4ths flying and 1/4th poorly designed Tank levels and 1/4th very poorly designed on foot levels. They’re good games but they hardly live up to what I expected of the Star Fox series. Let this be a lesson to Nintendo…don’t let Namco make games using one of your flagship titles…Namco is totally a hit or miss. Most of their games are either good or really bad, take Tales of Symphonia as a good game and Baten Kaitos as an example of a bad one. ToS is a great game thats fun and is quite long as well as having a fairly good storyline and fun mini-games and fairly good voice acting. While Baten Kaitos on the other hand is short, has annoying mini-games, piss poor voice acting and a shitty, shitty storyline.