CS v1.5

I dunno if anybody here plays CS, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I know that 1.6 is out, but I greatly dislike the new Steam client. (and if they continue using that for HL2 it might jeopardize my buying the game, but I degress…) Does anybody know where I can find gun models that are compatible for 1.5? I tried going to CS-Nation, but those are made for 1.6 and don’t allow older versions to use them.

My first guess would be to google it.

tried, doesn’t work very well since it brings up CS-Nation and Fileplanet and just about every other CS 1.6 download for weapon mods despite the fact I put 1.5 in the search bar :thud:

I would guess go to some forums and search the forums for 1.5 gun models or something.