CS Source map

k, just gimme some ideas for entities (random objects) to put into it.

Here’s my planned layout:
<a href=“http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y300/stevesherrick/above.jpg”>Aboveground</a>
<a href=“http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y300/stevesherrick/below.jpg”>Belowground</a>

Please note the notice in the last one.
I’ll also be open to suggestions on the basic layout of the map, so long as it’s nothing major.

Also, names for the map are welcome.

Sorta related, but whatever happened to that school building map idea of yours? That sounded cool.

Eh, That might be in the future, that’d be really hard to do in this case. Source is a bit more detailed :\

What’s that bit in the middle?

Seems alright to me, though I don’t normally play FPS’s.

So far I spot a few things wrong with it, although I must admit that mspaint is relativly crude when it comes to maps. I also don’t know what your intentions are with this map, so I’ll treat it like you plan for it to become part of a league rotation.

For starters, from the looks of it the map is too big. If you intend this to be a league map then you should probably make it smaller. If CS matches are still played 5v5 or 6v6 then you’ve got way too many stairwells and rooms.

Next, you gotta pick whether it’s a hostage map or a bomb map, as you noted hostage points in your footnotes and had a spot for a bomb placement. You can’t have both, because not only will there not be enough people to cover both hostages and the bomb spots in a match but I would think it may be a bit confusing as well.

Next, don’t make “sniper points”. Make a few spots with snipers in mind, but don’t limit it to snipers only, as it goes against the versatility of the game and limits the possibilities. Also, if you really want to make some nests, don’t make a lot, as it’ll end up just being an AWP fest, which in pubs can be annoying and would not make clanners happy in a match.

Also, you mentioned that there would be “stuff to hide behind” in all the rooms. Try to go for design rather than intentionally placing barricades, as it encourages camping and would just piss off pubbers, make the rounds boring, and make leagues less interested in picking up your map for a rotation. By going for design, you make the map look nice AND provide cover for fire fights.

All that I have provided is from my experience as a CS pubber. I was never very active in CS clans and leagues, all my clanning experience comes from my years (and years and years) in the TFC community. I know plenty of mapmakers there and am quite familiar with what clanners want in a map. As a result, I pulled that knowledge into this little writeup and just put myself into CS mode to think about it.

Gotcha, I’m definitely rethinking parts of it.

Well keep us (or me) updated and I’ll keep giving you my thoughts.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but you played TFC, Sorcerer? I still occasionally play it myself. Nice to meet a brother (if the term be used =P).

I used to play - I used to play a lot. I was in clans, leagues, I wrote for The Catacombs (still kind of post on the forums too). TFC captivated a good 3-4 year period in my life. Great game, it’s just too old now and all the cool people are pretty much gone.

Yeah… that and they remade some of the best TFC maps for HL2 Deathmatch (Team deathmatch, of course)

Right now I’m thinking of making the map smaller, but definitely keeping the “can’t get into bombsite unless you go underground” sort of theme. You will be able to shoot in and out of the bomb site from aboveground, but access is through underground only.
I might keep the MG nests just for aesthetic purposes, but I might have a test version up within the week, I’m still getting everything all setup (I’m okay with map making, but I’m still a bit of a newb.)

Are you gonna have just entrance to the bomb site period? Because that’d be no good at all. Running with your underground theme you should have a series of tunnels that all end up at the bomb site. Multiple entrances makes it easier for the terrorists to get in (as opposed to having one door period), less cramped for the counter terrorists and more challenging for them as well. Maybe you can have like, two tunnels and some kind of drop down entrance i.e. de_nuke?

By the way, some of the old school TFCers are remaking TFC for HL2 in a mod called Fortress Forever. It’s coming along nicely, and is designed for TFCers to play they game they want to (we’re all very picky. It’s kind of annoying, actually, with all the rules and shit), but what maps did they remake for HL2DM?

Well, I planned on having about 2 entrances to the bomb site per side, actually. Maybe a ventilation entrance. I’m not sure how they’ll enter, but just one entrance per side would suck.
There will definitely be some bottlenecks. I’ll also put about 2 camping spots aboveground per side… how well hidden they’ll be is another thing. That’s not counting the random-building-with-well-placed-windows, of course.

Also, the HL2DM maps are Well and 2fort… those that I can remember at least.

Those are also the only ones I remember seeing, they’ve probably remade a few others as well.

I remember Murderball and Turkeyhunt (something like that. You were all really small in a giant office type setting). Both were fun, although Murderball got very old very fast. I always liked Dustbowl (or maybe dust, I can’t recall, it was an assault map). If TFC came along, I might get HL2 solely for that.

Actually, the way I’m revamping the map, putting only one entrance per team wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea… putting any more than that would make it very tough to work, realistically speaking, into the map.

Lemme try to put it into a bit of the “story behind the fight.”

Terrorists capture some comm station for their own uses, and fortify the area. Eventually, meaning quickly, CTs are dispatched to the area. The Ts find out, so they have to make their way up into the comm tower and place explosives there, that way the CTs don’t send the intel back to their higher ups. Shit like that.
So having four entrances into the bottom of a relatively small comm-link place wouldn’t make sense… only having two does, since it’s basically protected from both sides (since there’s heavy jungle surrounding it, the only way in is through the river or air, which is why the MG placements are there). Also, the river flows through a building of sorts… well, the map will show.
I guess it makes more sense that way.

Edit: I have a new aboveground layout figured out, but I can’t get to my FTP on nulani’s server… so I guess it’ll have to wait.

Dust is a CS map. You’re thinking of Dustbowl. And the map in the office is called Turkeyburgers, and it was a great, great map. Unfortunatly it had no real objective, so it was never a league map.

Like I said, Fortress Forever is coming along nicely. www.fortress-forever.com is the website, and it’s looking great. So look forward to some TFC action coming towards HL2 soon.

That looks awesome. Hopefully people who don’t automatically equate headshots to autoaim will play it. =D

There’s not really a lot of headshots in TFC, as nobody in matches really plays sniper. This mod, while open to the public, is primarily being discussed within the select TFC circles, so it will predominantly be played by people who played TFC, so the level of lameness should be small.

Yay. Now I just have to upgrade my computer (pretty much RAM only) so it can play HL2. >.>

what kind of video card do you have?

Yeah yeah double post blah blah

Here’s an update for those interested. I just finished the main terrain of the map (Environmental lights, ground smoothing/shading/blending, water, skybox creation)
and some of the CT “side” of the map. (First minor building complete, lighting and window included. Starting other building and then the underground entrances.
Expect a beta release (meaning nothing special added, just the terrain, bomb site, buildings, including machine guns, underground portion, and the beginnings of some “flavor” to the map) sometime next wednesday, maybe a bit later than that depending on my laziness. I have a family thing sunday, but I’ll skip out on that and probably keep working. I’ll definitely refine things aplenty after the first beta test, but adding the flavor will be my main venture after the beta.
Edit: I actually just started work on it today, I’ll have some quick screenshots of it in a few.

Edit2: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y300/stevesherrick/above.jpg
That black shit is water :stuck_out_tongue: