Crystal chronicles

If you’ve seen the screenshots for the upcoming new FF game for the GC, Crystal chronicles (if thats how u spell it) what do you think, do you think it will be as good as any other FF game or just rubbish.

it looks ok, but with lack of a story (or will they figure a clever way to make a good story in a hack n’ slash?), it gets “its good, but could be beter” vote, i also didn’t like the fact that for multi player, u needed a gba… o yea, heres a linky to a preview so all u don’t have to search 1-2 hours to find it :wink:


I for one, am disgusted by the choice that Square made to cater to the GCN audience. Just when I thought my Cube was getting a real Final Fantasy, they let me down by turning it into yet another adventure game.

Armageddon . . . You say a GBA’s required!?

Please tell me you’re kidding . . .

At least one person has to be playing on a GBA with a linkup.

This is just another of those goddamn connectivity gimmicks. I want a REAL Final Fantasy.

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[b]Armageddon . . . You say a GBA’s required!?

Please tell me you’re kidding . . . [/b]

nope, its gba required. but thank god its if u have more then 1 player.

So . . . you’re saying when playing a 1Player game all you need is your GCN, but when you want to have a multiplayer game you need a GBA?

Why Square . . . Why?

No, a GBA is NOT required. Awhile back, there was a mistranslated… interveiw, I think it was, which is the source of that incorrect information. A GBA is NOT required.

As for what advantages the GBA has… it’s so that, during multiplayer, when one player opens up a window to cast a spell, the window appears on the GBA screen, so that the other players can still see what they’re doing.

As for the game itself… I think it look slightly above average. Nothing compared to, say, FF6 or 7, but still worth buying.

The GBA is just an enhancement for the multiplayer version, so everyone’s menus don’t all appear whenever they hit any button. They appear on the GBA screens instead.

Okay, in that case it’s good then. Thanks for clearing that up.