Crowning moments of psychotic video game obsession.

Many have done it. Maybe we wanted to collect one of every item, or as many of each item as possible. Maybe some of us decided they’d rather kill the Midgar Zolom, rather than catch a Chocobo. Or maybe you were jsut really, really bored and kept levelling. That’s what I did.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit WTF:

A while back, I asked what were people’s proudest gaming achievements. Some might still apply here. Hopefully not. What’s some of the most insane things you’ve done that, looking back, you have no better answer for than “I was bored”? I want to know.

I don’t have a screenshot, but I bought an Amulet of Annihilation in Secret of Evermore for 100 000 jewels from the pirate. BUT, it wasn’t just because I was bored or wanted to. I thought I HAD to. I didn’t know I could dash across the desert. So, I ended up fighting Mad Monks for HOURS to get that many jewels, which probably would’ve lasted the rest of the game, and then blew them all on an amulet. I didn’t have any problems being underleveled for a while either.

Another psychotic moment was the day I spent about 10 hours straight killing Hiruko on Super Mode in Shinobi. He’s probably harder than Ragu from Wild Arms 1, but instead of needing luck and dozens of goat dolls, you need skill.

I’ve also done all the obvious extra-curricular shit in Final Fantasy, killed Ruby, Emerald, Omega, Ozma, Nemesis. I also usually try to max out stats, equipment, levels and such, just because it’s there to do. You don’t really need to be godly to kill optional FF bosses, except maybe Nemesis. I rebuilt a lot of the sphere grid to get most of my stats to 255. I think the only one that wasn’t maxed was Magic, because you have to kill a giant dark flan boss to get the spheres for it.

I did absolutely everything in FFXII. Yeah, dunno why.

Also, I play Nippon Ichi SRPGs to completion. That alone should be explanation enough.

From the more traditional kind, I actually leveled enough to kill Lavos when it awakens through the Mammon Machine during my first playthrough, spent several hours fusing an all-star team of Personae in P4 with the best skills just for the hell of it, once got every FFT class unlocked before even getting to Igros the first time and I beat Gades the first time you fight him in Lufia II.

Then there’s the heaps of extremely infuriating minigames I’ve completed for the hell of it. Latest having been spending like two hours playing Dragon Horse racing in Suikoden V until I managed to beat Rahal. Rubberband my ass, that fucker has ROCKET-POWERED AI.

I bought the Combo Command in Tales of Phantasia :<

Did you actually put it to use?

When pokemon gold came out, I played it for over 300 hours. Just because.

I know that isn’t as cool as some of you diehards, but I was like in fifth grade. And thats a lot of hours.

Haven’t really played anything awesome enough to do all that kind of shit. Would take suggestion tho…

In the whole scheme of things, my marathons haven’t been as bad as some. I have played over 2000 games of starcraft online and over 1000 games of DoTA.

I put over 200 hours into Morrowind and played it about 15 hours a day for 2 weeks.

I beat Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition on the highest level one night. It took me one hour to get to M. Bison which isn’t psychotic, but then I fought M. Bison for 8 straight hours before I finally beat him.

For about 10 minutes. Then I realized that Tiger Teeth and Mecha Blade are all I really use anyway

Want to play dota some time?

I’ve beat MMX 1-4 & 8 (and almost 5, ugh)with no powerups with X, excepting the ones that you need:

X1 - You need to use the Dash in order to finish the game, and you have to use the X-Buster upgrade to damage Sigma’s final form if you’re not using special weapons.

X4 - Against Sigma’s Grim Reaper form, the fire gun is the only weapon that damages him.

I never beat X5 because you have to replay the whole level if you lose and I don’t have the patience to try it over and over again.

It’s straight up impossible to beat X6 with nothing, because there are actually levels that can’t be completed without an air dash.

It’s also impossible to beat X7 with nothing, because you’re forced to get life-ups after finishing levels.

Any game pre-X8 can’t be finished with ‘nothing’ with Zero because all of his attacks and movements are drastically changed when he beats bosses.

I’ve also done ‘nothing’ runs in X8 with Zero and Axl.

I made 8 intricate StarCraft maps. Only two cought on, and only for a little while. On involved playing through an episode of Stargate: SG-1 and the other was a “get out alive” scenario involving a house out of a combination of horror and sci-fi films. The maps took about 20 hours each to make.

EDIT: Math = 160 hours total just on map making, let alone trying to promote on bnet.

Let’s see here…

-At least 500+ hours playing Pokemon Silver and Crystal combined. Madness right there.
-Playing the postgame of Disgaea 2 (hit somewhere between 150-200 hours?)
-Doing almost everything in FFXII (except Yiazmat since I don’t feel like fighting something for hours on end)
-Played WoW for nearly a year (It doesn’t sound that bad, but I was on it a LOT. Almost gave up playing console games. I was pretty addicted to it, and more so when I started raiding.)
-Memorizing the bonus stages for Sonic 3 (and Sonic & Knuckles). That rounds out to about 14 stages, 7 for the normal emeralds, and 7 more for the super ones. Pretty impressive for me being about 9-10 at the time.
-Spending hours and hours trying to get that near perfect Persona in P3 & P4. I really hate the mechanics of Fusion.

I did actually get the Combo Command in ToP, but soon realized that I suck at imputting the right commands for attacks (and the keyboard doesn’t help any).

sure. My friends and I stopped playing for about a year, but we picked it back up a few months ago. I play DoTA Classic though. We never liked All-stars much. Which do you play?

I finished 7th Saga.

I killed Schwann in ToV with only 1 life bottle available to me.

I finished the Random Cave in Lufia 2.

I finished FFT under level 30.

I completed the Hell Gate in Tactics Ogre and got Fireseal.

Close this thread. Sinistral wins. Flawless Victory.

Only one that comes to mind right now is killing FFXII 12M HP boss after I healed all of it’s HP by accident after taking half of it already.Up to this day I do not know why I didn’t say screw it after that blunder.

120 stars on Mario 64
120 shines on Mario Sunshine
150 stars on Mario 64 DS (argble bargble wing Mario over the rainbow die fuck die etc)
242 stars on Mario Galaxy
130 emblems in Sonic Adventure
Finishing every quest level of Soul Blade… twice
Finishing every quest level of and unlocking everything in Soul Calibur 1… twice
Doing the same thing in Soul Calibur 2… but only the once.
All 8 stars in Braid. Oh god, all 8 stars in Braid. Worth it though. :slight_smile:
Finishing Sonic 3 in under an hour without losing a life… 8 years after I’d last played it
Grinding enough Drebin points to get the stealth camo in MGS4… and promptly not using it ever

I’ve got to be missing a few… dozen.

With or without going through deep dungeon?

Extreme hatred of people from the following stereotypes/countries:

  • Flamboyant Americans
  • Canadian Lumberjacks (“SALMON ARM!”)
  • Indian Fakirs. %"#%""##%&#
  • Spaniards.
  • Turks.
  • Helmet-Wearing Frenchmen

Thanks a lot, Punch Out Wii <3


I also sent the gnome in the missile in Half Life 2 Ep 2.

-Beat Beyond Oasis (Legend of Thor) low leveled, can’t remember how low… didn’t use anything but the dagger.

-Power-leveled before fighting Zio in PS4. I was real young and I didn’t know you could use the Psycho-Wand in the fight, so I kept using spells and techniques to try and weaken him. I blazed through most of the game afterwards. Oh, and beat Profound Darkness without a fifth party member.

-I used grid paper to map out EVERYTHING in Shining in the Darkness. Step-by-step.

-Beat Quest 64 without leveling water (i.e. without healing spells)

-Barehanded Run of DQ8.

-Beat Shadow Link with the broken biggoron sword.