Cross-game romances

What FF couple go the best together? Before you answer, here’s the catch - your picks must be from two different games! :too bad:
I’d pick Squall and Paine, but they might be too similar to make it as a couple.

I’d pick Squall and Paine
Seifer and Paine. Seifer and Tifa. Seifer and Lulu.
I want them all !!!

Vincent and Paine

Would never work. Really. Think about it. Vincent is too much of an angstbucket to ever handle romance. Not after Lucretia.

I don’t have any thoughts on romance, since I’m a cynical bastard. I will say, though, that Sabin seems the type to be able to get along with anyone, with enough time.

I was thinking maybe, Zidane and Rikku? (pardon my spelling)

Tidus and Garnet

I would have to say this:
Yuffie and Zell
Quistis and Cid
Cait Sith and Quina lol
Tifa and Lulu (because who dosen’t like lesbians?)

No i dont see it. Weirdest couple would be…Stiltzken and Bahumuts faith lol

Which Cid?

The ONLY Final Fantasy character I can see maybe being lesbian is Terra. …possibly with Celes. That’s it.

Cid from final fantasy 7

A weird couple would be Kuja and Edea

Most anyone with edea would be weird.

And that Cid would be an odd pairing…

Okay, I was bored and just went through a list of all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of Final Fantasy Games. I eliminated people from the lsit based on A. Age; B. Race; C. relationship issues/general personality; and D. Quina.

Eligible characters, Male:




Pairings that could work:

Kain and Celes
Kain and Freya
Kain and Kaeli
Kain and Phoebe

Edge and Celes
Edge and Elena
Edge and Rikku?

Edward and Terra
Edward and Yuna?
Edward and Lulu
Edward and Kaeli
Edward and Phoebe

Locke and Tifa
Locke and Elena

Edgar and Elena
Edgar and Freya
Edgar and Rikku

Sabin and Rydia! OMG!
Sabin and Garnet
Sabin and Lulu
Sabin and Kaeli
Sabin and Phoebe

Setzer and Tifa
Setzer and Yuffie
Setzer and Garnet
Setzer and Freya
Setzer and Beatrix
Setzer and Rikku
Setzer and Lulu
Setzer and Phoebe

Cloud and Terra

Rude and Terra?
Rude and Celes?
Rude and Lulu

Reno and Celes
Reno and Rikku
Reno and Lulu
Reno and Phoebe

Tidus and Rydia
Tidus and Terra

You might notice I skipped over the make cast of FFIX. Well, considering your cast there was Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, and Amarant… yeah, none of them work. So, mull it over.

Wow, you were really bored huh?

Actually, it only took about half an hour. i discussed it with my sister over lunch. We just made a list, and went down it methodically and compared each male to each female and see which oens could work.

A few notes: We had more characters, but we eliminated most of them because, like I said, a lot of themw ere too young (Palom and Porom, Gau, Relm, Eiko), they weren’t the right species (Mog, Umaro, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Quina), were not meant for a relationship with others (Cecil and Rosa are sacred and must never be broken up), or were just unsuited to any of the girls (Wakka is jsut too… well, he acts way too gay to have a relationship unelss you know him, like Lulu does.) And as I said before, VIncent’s just an angst-bucket.

Why wouldn’t Zidane work? He’s a lady’s man :D. Vivi just needs to find a little white mage.

I think Zidane would work,and Amarant

Zidane wouldn’t work because he’s a freakin’ playboy actor and thief. He’s not the sort of person suited for a relationship. I can see him dating a lot, but a serious relationship jsut wouldn’t work. Hell, I still refuse to accept he and Garnet could ever work. I HATE to imagine him as a King of any sort.

As for Amarant… Well, he was part of the original list of bachelors, but he’s too much of an assholish loner to want or try at all for a relationship.

Whenever I try and envsion any of the FF9 characters with someone else, I just can’t because then I remember they’re all four feet tall.

No love for Gogo, eh Esker?