Crocodiles on a plane

Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

In before “I’ve had it with these motherfucking reptiles on this motherfucking plane!”.

Sounds like a job for Steve Irwin, too. He can be a part of the traditional black-white duo that Hollywood loves to do.

I miss that guy.

Oh No! A medium sized lizard! What ever shall we do?!

No one fessed to bringing it, really? I am so suprised!

“Oh yes, actually I do recall packing a crocodile and it does seem to be misplaced…”

No one in their right mind would confess willingly. I’m wondering how bad their security checks are that the crocodile made it on…last time I was on a plane they wouldn’t let my manicure set stay in my carry-on.

That crocodile is not nearly as menacing as the snakes on a plane were. This thread is quite misleading!

Baby crocodiles are so cute. :3

It was a foot long. Or rather a foot SHORT. Hardly anything to panic about.

If anyone had accidently stepped on it, it probably would’ve been dead before they even realized what it was.

I think Id be afraid of it biting me or something. Why are people pretending to be charlemagne?

I wonder how a 30cm croc got on the airplane unnoticed to begin with. That’s a whole lot scarier than the croc itself.

Charl was banned because his behavior was unacceptable. He’s not coming back any time soon. He can cry that’s he’s a victim all he wants.

Yeah, the fact that the croc got on the plane says something about airline security. And thanks, Sin. I was wondering why people had Charl avatars.

The croc wasn’t carrying bombs, sharp metal object and it wasn’t a member of any extremist middle-eastern faction. Of course security didn’t stop it. :wink:

It was probably smuggled on as a handbag. I can only assume that the airport security reached inside of it to look for any hazardous materials, but they didn’t find any and thus let it on.

The passenger probably just said it was his seeing eye croc, or something. As overbearing as the airport security is, they’re usually none too bright in my experience. <_<;

Its a genuine crocodile purse, duh.