Crocodile Hunter

Yesterday on Crocodile, STeve said “This is the most fun I had in my life” when a bunch of crocs battled each other

That’s it? That’s the best crocodile hunter episode ever? It seems like I’ve seen better episodes

Not anywhere in your quote does it say that it was the best episode ever.

I’m really looking forward to the day some reptile bites his head off. He’s just asking for it.

What do you like more? Crocodile Hunter or the Jeff Corwin experience?

I like crocodile hunter more

But I’m tired of seeing both of them handle snakes

I hope they both die by massive envenomation by snakes.
did I just make up the word “envenomation”? possibly.
but I don’t care.

Planet’s Funniest Animals beats them all by a landslide~~!!~!! That Matt guy is HILariOUS! And he’s even funnier when you put the TV on mute, because then he isn’t so goddamn annoying and you can pretend he’s screaming in pain upon being eaten by fireants. BUT THEN THERE’S A DOG MOPPING THE FLOOR OMG LOL!!!

A lot of people say Steve is crazy. I disagree. He just goes up to animals and talks about them. He really doesn’t “hunt” crocodiles. In most the episodes, there aren’t even crocodiles. Only one episode I saw he captured one.

Are you gonna see the crocodile hunter marathon?

He’s fearless, only not dumb about it. He knows what he can handle. I don’t watch animal planet that often, so I probalby won’t be watching the marathon. On a totally unrelated note, his dog is cute. ^^

The Crocodile Hunter annoys the fuck out of me. When I want to watch something on Animal Planet, it will be Animal Cops: Houston or something.

I love that show. I kind of admire the guy - he’s doing something he absolutely loves, and it seems to be for a good purpose.

My girlfriend and I have this debate a lot. I’ve always been a big Steve Irwin fan. Yea he’s a bit nutty, but he has real passion for what he does. Jeff Corwin seems more forced. Plus if any of you saw that “King of the Jungle” reality show that Jeff Corwin co-hosted he was a jerk and naturally picked the pretty blonde girl that messed up at least 3 times on the final day. The other guy did an incredible job and did not stutter at all but lost anyway.

Steve Irwin > Jeff Corwin any day.

Suey is dead, man.

Envenomate is indeed a word.

I don’t know why people have so much animosity toward Steve Irwin. I personally think it’s more productive to wish death and bodily harm on those responsible for Jackass and Wild Boys. And their fans, especially the Jackass imitators. They deserve death. You got my back on this, Nulani?

Jeff Corwin tries to act funny but its really lame

Steve Irwin rocks

I’m sure Nulani would have your back. As do I. I would much rather wish death on Bam Margera(Jackass/Viva la Bam Creator) than on Steve Irwin. I actually find Irwin entertaining.