Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed

Well, you can’t expect to live long with a job like that.


One of the first things I heard in the morning, thanks to my radio clock. It’s really depressing.

It’s really kinda sad… I mean, he still was a fairly awesome guy, Kitty thinks.

At least he wasn’t downed by no crocodile.

Blimey, stingrays are dangerous?

He’ll be missed. My condolences to his family.

Too bad, he was a cool guy. It was surprising, to say the least.

Crikey, perhaps his follower should then become… “THE STINGRAY HUNTER…”

He was a nice entertainer in his show when they aired a few eps over here :confused: Picked up some Aussie accent from 'im too. Poor bloke.

When I heard it, I was pretty shocked. It’s sad. :frowning:

He was on the short list of people I respected. It’s a shame.

The cynical twisted part of me thinks that these things are bound to happen sooner or later when your job is to stick your butt on a nest of potentially lethal and aggressive animals, but this is pretty sad nonetheless. I didn’t watch the show too much but I did like what I managed to catch and I know that he was a very respected professional. Rest in peace.

how sad, this is news to me. He was funny and informative.

Wow, this is really surprising and pretty sad. I’ll agree, it wasn’t unexpected, it was one of those things you knew would happen. I’m just surprised that it actually has.

I gotta say its shocking to hear about this. This is a very sad turn of events. The world has lost an important figure in this field.

Yeah … that’s too bad. I really don’t know what else to say about that, really …

R.I.P. crocodile hunter. It’s a shame that someone with interests like him died. Everyone dies eventually but it really sucks when it’s someone who shares interests as your own or atleast inspires you.

This is really bizarre, because some friends of mine and I were talking last night about how people like him who risk their lives every day manage to escape death over and over again, while countless others die simply from slipping in a shower or tub. I guess karma overheard us and overcompensated… :frowning:

I heard about this last night in the chat when I was staying up too late… it’s a true shame. His enthusiasm for his work and the world around him was infectious and inspiring.

Man, I must be sadistic, because I thought it was funny :\