Crisis Core trailer

The Crisis Core trailer is out, probably exciting for those with a PSP (which is not me :forlorn:. I’d link to it, but it seems to be jumping around a bit due to copyright BS. You can probably do a search on to find it. It’s all in Japanese though. From what I can gather it appears that you get to see Aerith meet Zack (in a blue sundress, no less, and she seems a lot more bouncy and perky, not as motherly as she was in FF7) and probably has Sephiroth in a more antagonistic position, not Zack’s partner, as there’s a clip of them fighting. The rest of it I mostly couldn’t understand or comprehend besides the known stuff like Genesis and Angeal. Not much actual gameplay footage, but it looks close to the FFX/FFX-2 system on initial glance. No sign of Cloud or anyone else. Good times.

Who do you think it was when zack hit the solider on the head?
But the trailer is awesome I saw it on youtube last night. The clips they did show of game play was cool. This is a must have for me.

Oh, I must’ve missed that.