Creepy cat

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So where the hell is the dramatic “Dun Dun Dunnahh!” sound effect?

I kept thinking its head was gonna explode (or mine).

I didn’t know cats could turn their heads around that much shudder

Holy fuck. That’s even creepier when you multiply the image. Though the asploading heads would have made this “teh awesomezors”

I think it was more creeped out by the camera.

It slowly turns its head as its ears pick up the slightest sounds made by the whirring mechanisms of the rotating lens; and then it is caught. The single unblinking eye holds it in its unwavering gaze.

Terrorcat? Fearcat? Starecat? Head-turn-cat?

Actually, Creepy Cat works nicely.

I can’t stop staring at this picture. I’ve literally had it on my desktop for the last two days at work…it’s so god damned hypnotizing. It’s going to eat my soul.

yeah that’s creepy!

ur creepy ghey lah~~~


he’s blazed

It’s scarrier for me because that cat’s face looks like my cat’s.

I’d feel bad for this cat were it to be ass raped like the cat in the other thread.

muh. It stares to long. Its not that creepy after ya seen it.