Creating your own rpgs

Which programs are the best to download and creating rpg games? has the DOS-based “Official Hamster Republic RPG Creation Engine”, simple enough even for me to have launched a few demo titles back about 7 years ago or so… and I don’t even know that much about the latest features… I hear “Steal” and “Poison” work :slight_smile:

I may have not used plotscripting much (due to lack of my general lack of coding skills) but say, if you can do with just fetch quests, it’s a good engine.

Somewhere in the net there’s a page with a huge list of programs you can use to make games. Try googling it (game creation programs list or sth) for I deleted the link.

Try RPGMaker.

This what you meant, Rig?

Yes, I mean, Yar, you cat of gold! Nailed it.

Tried RPG MAKER XP but it didn’t let me keep it, the demo was for thirty days, and certain aspects said it was bugged.

It’s what I call payware.

anything other than these? I couldn’t figure out how to download anything from ambroise.

You don’t. You go to the websites of the listed programs, and download from them.

Tried that, but doesn’t seem to have worked there either.

… For which program, exactly?

Any of the three rpg makers on their list, two of the operative link sites were either down or moved, and the first one just told me of the glories of the program, but gave no link to download.