Creating Subdirectories in Web Pages

Ok, so I finally got into my school’s remote file servers, and got into my space. It comes preloaded with your own webpage (just an index page mind you to say that such a page exists). Modded it a bit. Got some questions.

  1. Now, for the main address, does the first page have to be called index.html for it load, if you are just loading the basic site address?
  2. How do you create and link directories to post stuff online? I dont want to like link them via web page if i dont have to. I just want the directory there, so that who ever knows the address, can type it in, and get into it.

More later. Thanks though for your help.

  1. Pretty much, yeah. Depending on how it’s set up it might also take index.shtml, index.phtml, index.cgi etc.

  2. Depends on how you’re accessing it. If you have telnet access, type “mkdir directoryName”. If you’re using FTP, most FTP programs have a “new folder” button or option somewhere.

Neither, its actuall file access, remotely mind you.

Ive put other folders in the directory, and put files in them, but cant access them like via a webpage.

Ah, I see. Some websites do things differently. I know my own university has our websites accessible like this:
…whereas the actual files go in the folder “www” on your account. So if you add another folder “folder1” to that “www” folder and put “file1” in it, you’d access it like this:

I’m not sure how it’s set up in your school exactly, though, so if you can’t figure it out, try asking the tech staff or the equivalent.

Cid, you hit it on the nail. thats the same thing we do. Ive tried making another folder, and putting web pages and files it it. they dont come up.

Like I said, I can’t help much without knowing more about the web server etc. Contact the tech department in your school.