Crazy videos

Just check out the videos on the site. They are really crazy and mess with you mind.

The Prediction – a simple mathematical trick involving the fact that, every “move cycle,” one square is impossible to land on in the number of moves he gives you.
The Missing Piece – you can see him flip over the pieces.
The Mirror – the movements are very slightly asynchronous. The image on the “mirror” gets fuzzy in weird ways when the rest of the video doesn’t. They say it took weeks to film. And that’s the solution: it’s a T.V. or computer screen, not a mirror.

Honestly, I haven’t found anything that beats David Blaine, except maybe <a href=“”>this</a>.

Who hasn’t seen that? It is cool though, the second one is slightly better though. Also the videos are neat despite the tricks behind them. Like the first one with the color changes i crazy how you don’t really notice them.

Putting shit on our bodies :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, some of Criss Angel’s stunts are pretty impressive. I saw one where he walked across an assortment of giant steel spikes barefoot, one foot per spike at a time. I also saw another where he seemingly walked through a glass window (a piece of brown paper was taped to a window and he busted through the paper but not the window). Other stunts, like where he walked down the side of a building, aren’t very impressive (duh der wires) while his other, smaller (walking behind racks of clothes and changing entire outfits in seconds) illusions are far cooler.