crazy vacation planning... again

I’m planning weekend travel while I’m in California again, and this time I’m going to be visiting Disneyland with my mom and my coworker over one weekend. Now, I’m a seasoned Disney World vacationer, so I know the general tricks of the trade, but I’ve never been to Disneyland. Have any of you been there, and could you tell me about it?

Been there, crowded as hell. Too touristy for my liking, nu being a native explains that too.

Been there, and trust me: you will spend more time waiting in line than everything else combined.

When are you going ? Astral and I live 30 minutes from there. Its an ok place, it has the big usual big rides, but it is a little smaller than the Florida ones.

I like Disneyland. It’s better to go once everyone’s back in school (which I think is in 2-3 weeks)… but even now the lines aren’t THAT bad. They have this “e-ticket” thing - it saves your place in line so you can go to some other ride, then come back and you won’t have to wait.

My fave rides are Space Mt, Splash Mt, Pirates of the Caribbean, the train roller coaster, Star Tours, the Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion… but if you get the e-ticket, you can go to some of the smaller rides (like Pinocchio or the tea cups) and you can see all of them and then some. Oh, and try the Dole Whip. (if they still have it) It’s yummy ^^

Been there, but I don’t think there’s much helpful things to say besides the one Zhou said about lines.

Sg, Astral and Vicki, and I all live like an hour away, we should meet up and… do stuff…

I’ll be there the weekend of the 22nd (yes, that means this month). Normally I wouldn’t want to go during summer at all, thanks to the heat and kids being out of school, but I don’t get a lot of say in exactly when I travel for work. I just figured that since I had never been there before and that I had time to play and subsidized expenses, it would be a fun thing to do. I’m actually planning with my family to go to Disney World this fall, which is our typical time for these things.

Astral - my mom and my grandfather love the Dole pineapple whips. There’s a stand in Adventureland in Florida that sells them.

We’re trying to arrange things so that we stay at the resort - that way we won’t have to rent a car or anything and things will be a lot more convenient.

Since she’s already going with her mom and coworker, I don’t know if she’d like to meet up and “do stuff” Charl. :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t mind going to Disneyland though; it’d be a good motivation for Sin to go since he never wants to. What’re your thoughts on it, Vicki?

I don’t think she wants to take sin with her, Astral. Can’t you find a baby sitter or somthing for him?