Crazy Story

The Confused Newbie

The Confused Newbie displays the actions and coherency of somebody who just finished drinking a 12-pack of Shlitz and stumbled into an unmarked room full of nude Satanists. All posts as the Confused Newbie should be somewhat offtopic and adhere to no particular topic or mindset. The only real rule in being the Confused Newbie is that there is no rules. Post whatever comes to your mind whenever it comes to your mind, and then proceed to act shocked if somebody flames you for starting 40 topics an hour and going on and on about God knows what.

EXAMPLES. The Confused Newbie will post the following messages:

Counter-Strike forum: "Hey guys, what other games do you guys play? I play Quake 3 because I love the net code on my 33.3 modem on my mom’s computer! Is Counterstrike a game like Quake 3? Will I like it? thanks a lot guys!!! "
Star Trek forum: “My friend Maria told me to post here. Maria, are you here? Maria? Hello? Plz reply if you’re here! DOES ANYBODY KNOW MARIA HERE? how do i chat on this?”
Honda Civic forum: "What music do u guys listen to? I like Marylyn Manson! I hope u dont like the backstyreet Boys LLOLOLOLOLOLOL "

Make it stop Cid.

Reminds me of myself.

I think the next FF should involve a mix of fighting, magic, and winged pineapples.

I’d go for the pineapples.

Not the same problems here but you get the idea.

This thread fills me with violence. I feel the urge to destroy rising…

Cid, please do soemthing. This is just too much.

And I don’t care what the FF Forum’s description says, this does not belong here.

It’ll get locked soon enough. Don’t let it bother you though… that’s just feeding the trolls, and things will get worse.

Oh so true.

<insert some n00b mocking message here>

I want the last word before it gets locked! WOOOOOOZ

(just to be difficult) Nya-hah


Why do you want the last word.

Because, it makes people respect you more…ok it’s just the same as the “I wanna be first in line!” at school thing.

But that is useful.

Being first in line isn’t useful, if you’re all going to the same place who cares?

Sorry for taking so long… had a holiday, no computer access. I keep meaning to change the bloody forum description but I keep forgetting. >_<