Crazy Story

Jon: I wonder how the wizzy of Fog is doing? :thinking:
Sakura: Who’s the wizzy of Fog?
Jon: It’s a long story.
Jon: That other Jon. So cool!.. :cool:

Jon: yawn…what a weird dream… { get’s out of bed }
Sakura and her cat wake up several minutes later. :thud:
Sakura: Yawn… I wonder what’s for breakfast…


Jon: You’re not the innkeeper!

Sudtrap: If you’re wondering this is a story two friends are particapating in.
And one friends bored and waiting! And ooh, shiny!! Spam! Wait a minute, yuck! :spam:

Cid? We need your mod powers.

What the heck is this?

Waiting for a friend

Sudtrap, this is very off-topic. Please discontinue.


Sorry I’m late! What did I um, miss? :hyperven:

You know, I think we should keep to writing this story in math.

Sorry again for being late. My brother wouldn’t let me on the computer until it was about a week until you had already left. :bowser:

He means stop posting nonsense and maybe make/comment in a real thread.

insert a “This thread sucks” JPG image here

:spam: :spam: :spam: :spam: :spam:

<i>Speak your mind about anything FF-related, website-related, <b>or nothing-related!</b> Enjoy!</i>

I vote we change the FFC Forum’s description then. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I got nothin’. >_>

I like peas… Mmmmmm, peas…

Even so, isn’t this something better suited to the RP Forum?

Lets not forget that this has turned into a shrine to peas, please.

Nonsensical Verbaige time! If you know what that means speak in it! …Galtomagsfabbit

I’m gonna proceed to insult the thread author because that makes me into 1 tuff d00d.

Is this saposta be a fanfic or something? Because if it is, its one of the best ones i’ve ever read