Crazy japanese stuff

Okay, the crazy in the title up there is redundant, but anyway:

I watched it without sound just right now, I’ll check it with sound on when I get home later.

Oh, that thing. It’s boring.

Old. And why the hell would you watch it without sound? Were you trying to fall asleep or something?

Huh…?..Wha…?..I watched a link without sond and I feel asleep…What was it about?

I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It is really, really boring.

It’s probably the only flash I couldn’t sit through, which says a lot, since I watched that whole “Zeeky Boogy Doog” thing.

Kinda cool, made me think of the blue man group in a way

I managed to watch all of it. Pretty neat.

Hm, yes.


yawns Kinda… dull? Maybe.