Crazy Dreams

Gaah! I’m vexed! Vexed, I tell you!!:ark:

Why? Well, as you know, I haven’t been able to write -not fiction, anyway- in quite a while, I have the Mother of All Writer’s Blocks. Yet, for some reason, I’ve been having some REALLY original dreams of late- not just random stuff, but some clearly well-constructed stories! The only problem is: I only remember my dreams when I sleep during the day (?) either because I got up late or took a nap in the afternoon. Also, I have to write down these dreams quickly, or I completely forget them!!

As an example, I’ll post here two of the dream-stories I recently had. I SWEAR, I’m not making them up, these were actual dreams! There’s a Sad One and a Fun one. I’ll give you the sad one first.

The First Dream
was an ultra-realistic, tragic one that could very well happen in real life. In the dream, I was hired as a handyman at some small hospital complex. While cleaning around, I met this little blond girl, named Sally, I think, who never spoke but seemed to be in pain. Her eyes looked at me as if asking for my help.

I asked a doctor -a fat, bespectacled middle-aged woman with a far-too-friendly smile- what was wrong with Sally, and she told me that the girl had a debilitating genetic condition, and that they were trying to cure her. I believed her, and went back to work.

But… something was wrong. The look in her eyes haunted me. I decided to check on her again, but the doctor told me that she had already been moved to another hospital. She even showed me her room, and it had been cleaned out.

So I went back to cleaning the yard… but then, I realized something: Sally’s room had been located in the LAST building in the complex- but they all looked the same. I started counting them, and realized that the room I had been shown was in the NEXT-TO-LAST building. I had been tricked!

I ran to the correct building, looked at Sally’s room thru a window- and it looked messy, like the girl had been taken out of it in a hurry. I ran back to the doctor, and when she saw the anger in my face, she must’ve thought I was going to kill her, because she broke down and confessed the full truth:

It turned out that Sally didn’t really have a debilitating condition. She was being used, without her consent, as a guinea pig for testing new drugs! I demanded to know where she was now, but then I heard a car speed out of the hospital. Realizing Sally must be inside, I ran after it but of course I couldn’t catch up. I was left crying in the rain, feeling guilty for having failed her.

The dream ended by shifting one year into the future. It turns out I told the Media about the incident, and an investigation had taken place, but Sally was never found. However a Hollywood company came to me to buy the story for a movie. Figuring that Sally’s only hope would be if people who saw the movie helped find her, I agreed.

The movie had Brad Pitt in my part, btw. No, really! :hahaha;

The Second Dream: A sitcom set in… Hell!?

You see, in my dream, I “died” in such a way -I think I was in a coma- that, due to a loophole in the Celestial Rules, I couldn’t be assigned to either Heaven or Hell. Instead, I was given free reign to go around either place as I chose.

But it turned out that the Afterlife was REALLY mundane. In fact, it was a modern city, with the best part saved for the “good” people, and the worst part for the “bad” ones. And people were segregated according to the strict letter of the scriptures- if you had commited ANY sin, you went to Hell! For example, I met a hairdresser in Hell -one of those typical middle-aged, gossipy ones- whose only sin had been that she had cheated on her husband once. Fortunately, Hell wasn’t that bad a place- other than the fact you were forced to live in a low-rent area for all eternity, that is. (I think that’s a not-so-subtle social commentary.) The Devil was still Evil and Scary, but most of time he didn’t do anything. Likewise, God was a nice little old fellow… who hardly ever did anything.

Naturally, I prefered to live in Heaven. But I found out that many of the people there were really stuck-up, convinced that they were better because they were “the chosen ones” (when in reality, they had just managed to die without technically having commited any sin.) Some of them were even mean spirited. (Again, I sense social commentary here.)

Another thing was that in the Afterlife, you STILL had to work for a living!! I was designated as an architect, helping design and construct new buildings. It turned out that my unique position helped matters, since, for example, if we needed materials from the bowels of Hell, I was the only one who could go get them.

Although at first I was afraid of going to “Hell”, I slowly became used to it, as most of the people there were more friendly than in Heaven. I even started dating gasp! The Devil’s daughter, who was real sweet girl with red hair (Yum, redhead! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but her father didn’t approve of me, and during one date, we were about to kiss when we were stopped by a bolt of brimstone. Darn! :hahaha;

To make things worse, there was a female angel in Heaven who liked me, too. Ohmygod, I was caught in an Afterlife Love Triangle!! (THERE’S the sitcom part!) :hahaha;

The dream didn’t have a real end (or I woke up before getting there) just the ominous fact that SOME day, my body would die for real. Which side of the city would I be stuck on then? cue funny sitcom end credits music

How about you people? Have you ever had a dream that was such a good story, that you recall it clearly?

I dreamed this a long time ago. My dreams lately have involved me answering some kind of question or solving some kind of puzzle or quest but I forget them soon after I wake up. Anyway, on with the dream.

Note: I find that I often can take several perspectives in my dreams. In this one I can see the first person and third person, meaning narrator/wide movie angle view.

I’m in a huge crowd of people who’re all walking in the same direction. The view pans out and I can see that the crowd is all dressed in ancient Chinese peasent garb - pointy hats, drab gray clothing. It’s raining steadily and the sky is overcast. We’re all walking towards a huge pagoda/temple in the distance.

I’m feeling miserable in the rain since I don’t have a pointy hat and the run-off from those next to me drips onto my head. I ask the guy next to me in Chinese, “Hey, you know where we’re going?” He doesn’t answer.

Time jumps forward and I’m inside the temple. We’re in line single file now, waiting on a flight of stairs, which is actually modern. A tiger runs past us up the stairs. A couple people scream while I cower against the wall.

Time jumps forward again and I’m the next person in line. A guy in traditional uniform (I can’t remember if it was a guard’s uniform or a priest’s) points to my right, indicating I should head there.

I turn down a hallway, which is green with several rooms connecting to it. Walking down, my vision starts to become hazy and the hallway seems to tilt. I steady myself against the wall. About halfway through the hall, my hand touches one of the door frames along it. Looking in, I can see a man kneeling down with several Bhuddist priests praying around him. One is sitting behind him with his palm against his back.

I continue on slowly, my vision getting worse. I figure I must have gotten sick from walking in the rain. Suddenly I hear a roar behind me. Turning around, I see a giant gorilla come out of the room I had seen the man and priests in. It looks at me before going the other way and down the stairway.

I continue on, finally reaching the end of the hall. It ends in a shrine, where I kneel down and pray. My head is clouded by fever, but I force myself to concentrate. Then, I feel this strength from inside me. It clears my head and my sickness. As I open my eyes I feel a transformation come over me. I’ve become a white tiger.

I bound back down the hallway and don the stairs, scaring people along the way. I come to a set of glass doors. Through them I see a hunter dressed in khaki shorts, shirt and pith helmet fighting several other animals, including the tiger I’d seen earlier.

I rush in to help them, despite someone behind me telling me not to. I claw the hunter across the back with my first attack. I leap in again, but he’s ready for me. He grabs my ribcage and his very touch drains the strength from me, burning as it leaves me. I transform back into a human, very emanciated. He throws me aside to concentrate on fighting the gorilla I’d seen before.

Wishing I’d listened earlier and to do something, I crawl forward, hoping to get a knife the hunter had dropped sometime ago. Suddenly an elephant slams through the glass doors and breaks up the skirmish between the hunter and the gorilla. The elephant corners the hunter, who’s begging for mercy. Somehow I know the elephant is my master, a Bhuddist priest, and I’m overjoyed that he’s come to the rescue.

That’s it.

Just one of those average “Hey! I’m flying” dreams would be nice. Not like I remember anything when I wake up anyway.