Crap I did in MSPaint.

Every so often, i get bored. i eman, really bored. So I fiddle around in MSPaint. I don;t jsut make random doodles and stuff, though. No, what I do can only be described as “insane levels of copying, pasting, and editing of stuff I saw in SNES ROMs.” It isn;t really art, in the normal sense, but what the hell, thought I’d show some of the stuff I’ve done. Two of them are what could be considered useful at some point, since they’re kidna reference pics.

The Ogrebattle Tarot were always really pretty to me.

I call it the Kirby Kollage. You have no idea how long this took me to make. (again, in MSPaint, so I organized it by hand.)

And this, I like to call Artkanoid. People who played the game will know why.

Most of you probably won;t give acrap about this, and hey, I don’t blame you. Still, felt like showing what OCD and a lotta free time can accomplish, since I dare you to find one pixel out of place.

Yeah, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (spot the Queen references! :P) had really cool tarot cards. I really liked how they worked in the game too, making it a bit tricky to choose if you really wanted that extra card and risk loosing alignment or popularity.
(Of course, I always got ali 0 and popularity 0 after, like, four missions. I sucked at that game. ;_:wink:

The arkanoid thing was really cool, and must’ve taken a lot of time to make, but it wouldn’t show unless I manually copied the adress and removed some funky tag at the end.

Ah, Kirby Superstar. I don’t know how much time I’ve spent with that game.
Enough to be able to tell, several years after I last played it, when you were likely to have ripped each sprite. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Most are “power get” or attacking animations. Fire happens when you hold the button down and hold back to pull the firebreath back on yourself.
Ice is blocking.
Mirror is the running attack (must’ve been a bitch to capture it properly if I remember it correctly :S), as is the hammer, most likely.
Can’t remember if the fighter one is a forward attack or a running attack.
Ninja is the downwards air kick or the wall jump.
Edit: Oh yeah, and the cutter one is the melee attack.)
Am I right? :slight_smile:

I still have yet to beat Ogrebattle. I always lose interest somewhere after the Slums of Zenobia. Which is a pity, since I wanna write a novellization of that game someday.

Good call on each of the sprites (although you were off on hammer; it’s the power move you get where you stand still, build up strength, then swing with all you got). THey were actually an afterthought, since originally, I just planned on just doing the cards (which I left two out of - Super, which comes from being invincible, and “let’s Go!” Which comes from you making a new ally, since neither of those had really unique sprites to them), but then I thought why not add them. Finding every card thingie was HARD.

THanks for pointing out the extra crap in the Artkanoid URL. And it really did take a long time…THe better part of a day, jsut about. And to anyone who thinks I just flipped the images a lot, look at the blocks carefully. The shadows are all going the same way. Would a Flipped image do that?


Sweet. I approve of that use of the time.

Also good choice of games. You’d better do the novelisation of OB. Otherwise novelise Kirby (>’-’)> <(’-’<) ^(’-’)^ v(’-’)v <(’-’<) ^( )^ (>’-’)> ^(^-^)>

Damn. But I can’t remember ever using that move. I don’t think I even knew it existed. Oh well. :slight_smile:
Best move with the hammer is the second running attack though. Insta-kill most bosses if done properly. <3

That should be called Kirby Chart. A true collage would have the kirbies overlapping each other to create a some sort of visual interest, not kirbies put in an orderly fasion.