The second one is great.

Get it? Fiddler crab.

Your comedic talents have left me speechless once again, you ragamuffin you.

:thud: :thud: :thud:
More! more come up with more!

Aww, that’s cute. 8)


Heh… crab… :hahaha;


Craaaaaaaaaab people… Craaaaaaaaaab people…

Really nice…

But then again, I wouldn’t expect much less from the President of CRABS :stuck_out_tongue:

THe only thing that could make those pictures better are puppies being killed by lemons.

You all must submit to the power of CRABS.

Crabapples :slight_smile: I love crabs. But no, I don’t like lobsters or crayfish.

I eat vrab on salad. nice work Charle, maybe you will become a famous…er, artist. ^^;