Cowboy Bebob Videogame?

The graphics remind me of Megaman Legends,but anyway i just hope that the game lives up to the name.


Get it right, fool. :slight_smile:

First a Lupin game, and now a Cowboy Bebop one.

Should be fun times.

This was in Q-Mann about a year ago.

Those sprites, Spike particularly, could use some serious overhauling. And using cell-shading, as opposed to polygons, would be an even bigger improvment.

Probably just another shitty licensed game. I hope that isn’t the case, but what is the likelyhood of it actually being decently playable without mind altering drugs.

If it holds true to the series, it should be a good game.

Also the preview mention being able to unlock other characters, I wonder whether that will include Vicious.

I don’t expect too much of the game, but I’ll buy it anyway.

If they don’t include Vicious then they might as well not make the game. The only episodes that actually have a plot center around Spike and Vicious’ past.

Rent not buy, I feel with this game. :\

I’ll likely bum it off someone dumb enough to buy it.

Yeah, saw this a while back. Doesnt seem to have anything truly special going for it.

Should’ve made it a fighting game. That would’ve been super totally amazing awesome.

The PS1 Bebop game was pretty good, and this one looks awesome in action. If they can make the controls as smooth as the graphics, it’ll be alright. And the Lupin game wasn’t half bad.